Buying Clothes For Your Baby

As new parents, it might be hard for you to select and buy clothes for your baby, if you don’t have prior experience. In time, you will pick up the skills needed to select baby clothes, but until then, we’ve put together a baby clothes buying-guide for all you struggling parents –

1. Go in for comfortable clothes rather than designer ones

Designer clothes may look nicer, but dress your kids in clothes they’ll be comfortable in. This will keep them relaxed and happy.

2. Buy clothes that are slightly larger than their actual size

Babies grow up so fast that buying the right size will actually make you buy clothes more frequently. That’s exactly why we ask you to buy bigger clothes, so that you can keep the clothes for a while and not have to buy new ones so often.

3. Make sure the clothes don’t poke your baby

There are some fabrics that bite the body of children, so you’d be better off buying soft clothes. Touch and feel the fabric before you buy it – if it pokes you, it’ll definitely poke the baby. Cotton clothes are also okay.

4. Keep in mind that your child sleeps. A lot.

Babies sleep for a really long time, so buy clothes that they can sleep in comfortably. Dress them in loose pajamas and trousers and lay them down in a blanket.

5. Buy from shops that are nearby

We recommend this only because if you’re in doubt or want to exchange your baby’s clothes.

6. Do not buy unnecessarily more clothes

Children grow up at a faster rate than you can ever expect, so buy only as many clothes as absolutely necessary. At their growth rate, you’ll have to change their wardrobe often, so keep the number of clothes to a minimum.

7. Buy clothes that make it easy to put on and remove nappies

You need to know this – babies potty very often. Don’t make it more difficult for yourself to change their diapers!

These were a few simple tips that will help you.

Be sure to share it and help other parents out!

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