Checklist For Your Maternity Hospital Bag: Everything You’ll Ever Need

Your due date is close and you might be freaking out over what and how much needs to be done. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all the things you’ll ever need while you are in labour.

You can start by picking out a bag with a lot of compartments but don’t carry a bag that is too oversized – you don’t want to cramp up space in the delivery room, especially if you’re sharing it with other women. You can split things and pack two or three bags instead, this will actually simplify finding specific things. Ideally, you should have this bag ready by the 36th week of your pregnancy.

Now let’s start filling that bag up.

1. Essentials like soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, napkins, towels, tissue paper rolls, hand sanitizer and any creams you use on a daily basis.

2. A couple of nightgowns, preferably with a front opening.

3. A few pairs of underwears – disposable ones or old ones that you wouldn’t mind getting spoiled.

4. Nursing bras and tops.

5. Comfortable clothes that you can ride back home in after giving birth.

6. A pair of comfy slippers.

7. Nipple cream or butter to soothe sore nipples.

8. Phone numbers of all the important friends and relatives.

9. A few papers, pen and your address book.

10. A pair of socks in case you have cold feet (We mean this literally).

11. Massage oil that is safe during pregnancy; your husband or the nurse can give you massages in between to help you relax.

12. Lip balm if you have the case of the ol’ dry lips.

13. Hairbrush and a few hair bands to keep all of your hair in one place.

14. Your mobile phone, earphones and it’s charger. You can also carry a power bank just in case you don’t find any power outlets in your delivery room.

15. A book, traveling games and some music to keep yourself entertained if you’re going to be in labour for some time.

16. Some delicious snacks for you to munch on because the last thing hospitals are known for are their canteens.

17. A vacuum flask or a thermos to fill with warm water to use as a heating pad for back pain.

18. A bottle of water. (You often get water bottles in hospital but this way you have access to it immediately)

19. A camera in case you want to record those first few precious moments (You can anyway do this on your smartphone so you can skip this one if you feel like it)

20. Any specific medications your doctor advised you to take during labour.

Apart from these, you will need to take a few things for your little bundle of joy that is soon to come into this world with a cry.

1. Two or three sleepsuits and bodysuits to dress your baby up.

2. Nappies – a lot of them.

3. Baby wipes that are newborn-friendly.

4. Baby blankets to keep your child warm. 

5. Muslin cloth to wipe off any milk your little one spits out (possetting).

6. A pair of socks.

7. Hat for your LO’s tiny head. 

8. Car seat if you plan on going back home in a car.

You’re all set for that big day, the only thing left to do is to – PUSH!

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