5 Signs Your Mother-In-Law Probably Hates You

The relationship of a mother-in-law with a daughter-in-law is one of the most unpredictable relationships ever. Every daughter-in-law is unhappy with her mother-in-law and every mother-in-law keeps complaining about her daughter-in-law. Especially in a country like India where the joint family culture is significantly prominent. And even though there are chances that your mother-in-law will absolutely love you, there are also some chances that she will hate you. And here are some signs that will mean that your mother-in-law hates you.    

1. She tends to undermine you

The most obvious way in which your mother-in-law will tell you that she just does not like you is that she will constantly undermine you in every way possible. No matter if it’s front of your husband, your friends or even your own family, she will not lose even a single opportunity to show she is superior and to undermine you.

2. Your accomplishments mean nothing

One thing that a lot of mother-in-laws tend to do is that they often belittle the accomplishments of their daughter-in-laws and try to boast themselves. But when she really hates you, she will not only belittle your accomplishments but try to convince others too that your achievements truly are nothing more than less than ordinary.

3. You are a competition for her and she challenges you every step of the way

Another favourite thing of your mother-in-law who might hate you is that she loves challenging you at every step of the way. She just does not like you and she feels that everything you do, she can do it better. This creates a sense of competitive nature in her and sometimes she might not even shy away from using some dirty tricks if only she can win against you.

4. She buys you gifts that will help correct your “flaws”

Not all mother-in-laws tend to outright show that they hate their daughter-in-laws. Some of them do it a bit more subtly and indirectly. For example, she will buy you a gift on your birthday in order to stay in the good books of your husband. But, this gift will be more of an insult as in it will be something she wants you to correct about yourself. Basically, she will try to highlight your flaws even in the gift she gives you.

5. She always compares you with some other girl your husband should have married

This is probably the worst thing that your mother-in-law will do to you. It won’t be enough to do all the above-mentioned things so she will also compare you to either your husband’s ex that he should have married or some girl your husband refused to marry and married you instead. And this comparison will go on at every step of the way and at every conflict between you two. She will pass backhand comments on how you are lesser than the other girl.

Though your mother-in-law is being mean and bad to you. You have somewhere made a commitment to give it one-two tries at least. So maybe you can learn how to control her or reduce a little bit of that hate by using some methods

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