How To Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday?

Your little munchkin is growing up so fast and you would, of course, want to celebrate his/her first birthday with much pomp and show. But to give your little one the best birthday of his dreams (Maybe s/he is really dreaming about how awesome his birthday party is going to be, you never know!) then you need to plan ahead. Last minute planning rarely goes well especially if it’s a party. But don’t worry, after reading this blog you’ll be efficient enough to plan birthday parties not just for your kid but for your neighbor’s child as well. 

Plan out the budget

Although you want only the best for your little one, you don’t want to go over the top. So make a budget of your liking – this might be difficult to make in the beginning since you don’t know how much everything will cost. But make a rough estimate and try not to stray away too much from it.

Guest list

Making a guest list might be the most exhaustive step of planning a party. Call as many friends and relatives as you would like. Also factor into account that, if your child’s birthday falls on a weekday, not everyone on your guest list might show up. But no matter if you personally invite them or send an e-vite, make sure to ask them to RSVP at least 2 days prior to the party.

Choose a location

Many parents have the birthday party at the comfort of their home but If your guest list is extensive then you might want to consider renting a party hall. Don’t forget to add this in your budget (This is will be expensive depending on the locality and the size of the hall, of course)


Picking a theme is super fun, be it Cowboy or a galaxy theme, or you can just pick out the colours as a theme. Black and red or blue and pink are famous colour themes that a lot of parents opt for. But if you’re feeling a little more risque, then you can choose a sapphire blue with emerald green. But make a note of it and stick to it.


You’ll need Confetti, balloons, party hats and streamers to fancy the place up. Apart from these, you’ll need a few essentials like paper cups, paper plates, and spoons. Try to stick to the theme even while buying these decorations.


Okay, this one is pretty obvious. Birthday=Cake. But there are so many options. Do you go for a superhero cake or a princess cake? Oooh, a mickey mouse cake is always a hit. You can actually go for a cake testing and pick out your flavour. Customized cakes take a long time to prepare so order your cake at least a week in advance. 


Chocolates, chips and other finger foods would be sufficient if you’re throwing a party for a close group of friends and relatives. You can also arrange a buffet for lunch or dinner with a variety of items. Call and talk with a catering service at least a week before the day of the party and have everything sorted. Also, don’t forget soft drinks. Don’t want your guests dehydrated on your special day (Technically it’s our baby’s special day but you know, s/he won’t remember any of it, anyway)


Don’t forget the most important thing – picking out the right outfit is not as easy as it sounds. You might need to visit a few shops before you get the perfect one because you really don’t want to compromise on your baby’s first birthday.

Return gifts or party favours  

Your baby will be showered with gifts (if your friends aren’t the type of people who come to a party only to have free food). You’ll want to give something as return gifts to other little people that are present in the party – a box of chocolates, stationery items, or badges that go with the theme.

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