Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting a Pediatrician

When you have babies at home, you have to keep track of their well being and growth. All fellow mothers would agree to the fact that the first few years of your baby’s life is filled with regular visits to the doctors to get usual dose of vaccinations, check on growth chart and also consult in case of ailments and diseases.

 Such, is the story of all parents. As parents we really wish and try that our kids remain healthy and live a healthy life. The formative years are important in terms of building a base or foundation for their health. This is why a Pediatrician comes into play. He is a doctor who specializes in kid’s health. Every day, when we flip through our newspaper we are greeted with various news on doctors ill-treating or incorrectly giving treatment to kids. At times, this might even lead to loss of life. Hence, it is important that we choose our pediatrician with utmost care.

As a mother of two kids you can certainly pass me off as a seasoned parent in this department.

Here are a few pointers that I have always adhered to when choosing a doctor for my kids.

Start Early

I started looking out for a good pediatrician right from the time I was pregnant. Towards the beginning of the third trimester. This gave me enough time to actually go through the various candidates and freeze on the one I actually want to refer

Ask For Reference

When we are looking for pediatricians the best way to select one is by asking for reference. Ask your family and friends to refer some good pediatricians who they go to themselves. Remember, nothing can beat firsthand experience. Also, do not forget to ask your obstetrician for reference too. There are times, when they can suggest a good pediatrician for the kids.

Check on location

You should ideally look for a doctor near your vicinity. There is no point freezing on a doctor who is 15 kilometers away from your place even if he is good. Think from the angle, will you be able to take your baby15 kms at the time of a crisis. I for a fact have chosen Fortis La Femme near my home, The best fact about this nursing home is that it is a complete maternity and pediatric oriented. That means that 24×7 some doctor or the other is available at time of need.

Check on Availability of doctor

There are some doctors who are extremely good and famous but they have so many patients that you have to take a prior appointment months in ahead to meet him. Such doctors are good in case you want to consult them in order to take a second opinion or in case of a complicated ailment. For usual visits try and zero onto a doctor who is easily available. One whom you can book an appointment with the very same day. Remember, with kids you will not always be able to go with pre planned doctor visits alone. There will be times when you will have to meet them immediately. So, it is better that you actually find one who is easily available.

Check on fees

We cannot deny the fact that doctors come with a hefty fee. On top of that the baby vaccines cost a bomb. Hence, go to a doctor whose fee scale is such that you can afford him. There is no point going for one who is too expensive. Remember it is a recurring affair also certain months you might have to visit him more than once. Hence, it is important that you check on the fee structure and actually go ahead with one who is easy on the pocket.

Check on Reliability

It is important that you actually go for doctors who are reliable. Remember that you would have to consult them time and again on every small thing- right from what to feed the baby to which vaccine is required. The idea is to go for a doctor whom you can rely on and find reliable.

Keep a back up

Having a single doctor for kids is not enough. There may be times when your doc is on vacation but there is an emergency at home. Hence , it is advisable that you always keep a backup handy . 

Here were a few things that I always look into when freezing a pediatrician for my kids. Hope you find them handy too.

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