11 Signs That Show How Much You Love Your Baby

Ah, Babies! can’t live with them, can’t live without them; Not the actual proverb but sure fits in this case. A child can be adorable and difficult to tolerate at the same time, and while it’s obvious that you love your baby, there are things that you do that show the extent of this affection you have for them.

11 of those signs are listed below:

1. A new toy:

He’s your newest and most favourite toy, if only you could tell your 6-year-old self that the best one is yet to come. No Barbie doll or fancy skirt can take his place.

2. You hate not being around him:

Even if it means going to the washroom, you always seem to need him in your arms.

3. You seek comfort from him:

Even if you think your life’s falling apart for whatever reason, you know cuddling, kissing or just holding him as he goes to sleep makes everything else irrelevant, he IS your life now.

4. You can’t stop staring at him:

You just can’t come to terms with how adorable he is with his twitching fingers and the subtle smile, and the fact that YOU made him takes it to a whole another level.

5. You talk to him:

Your baby’s very earliest coos will be directed at you if he spends most of his time with his mother. He’ll use this early language (called proto conversation) to engage with you and you can’t resist answering back in cute gibberish! You’re both laying the groundwork for real conversation later.

6. You become his shield:

You actually feel like you’re the perfect parent for him the moment he buries his head in your chest when someone new appears on the scene. Subconsciously it warrants that your baby loves you and trusts you to keep him safe.

7. He is the only thing on your mind:

You spend a lot of time thinking about him even out loud sometimes. Looking at him, his eyes, his tiny hand gripping on your finger reminds you of how precious he is and how much you both need each other.

8. You love spoiling him:

Onesies, mini socks, a giant teddy bear, his mummy will buy it for him he just needs to say the words or rather, point to it.

9. You love bragging about him:

He’s a prodigy, everything he does, even the smallest things like a few tiny steps or an abstract piece of art is something everyone you meet that day has to know (at least sympathetic grandparents and your spouse).

10. You give him baby smooches:

You want to, and he wants to be, kissed all day long. If YOU don’t start it, sometime around a year old, your baby will, and you wouldn’t mind returning the favour. 

11. You want to carry him:

When someone else is holding him and you walk up, he’ll twist his body toward you and hold out his arms, makes you want to never let anyone else hold him. Because you’re the only one who knows how to hold him just right, he knows that too and you’d do it every time he asks. 

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