7 Crazy Ways In Which Child Birth Differs Across Cultures

The process of birthing has changed over the years. You may not have given birth to your child the way your grandmother gave birth to your mom and the way your mother gave birth to you.

Fortunately, with the medical advancements, the process of giving birth has changed completely. Previously, there were so many complications which ultimately lead to the death of the mother or the child. But thank God for Doctors!

Maybe 1 in 20 mothers would choose to give birth at home with the support of an elderly woman at home. Yes, this is quite the scene in the rural areas of our wonderful country. But have you wondered the different ways in which the birthing culture differs from one country to the other? It is surely going to leave you with mixed emotions.


It is quite shocking that men can buy wives in few rural areas of Nepal just because they believe that a woman is a mere property. So when the water breaks, the mother is put in a dark room to give birth. She is accompanied by an assistant who will help her in delivering. There’s no bed or anything comfortable. So, the mother has to squat down and push. The assistant applies fundal pressure which could be potentially dangerous for the life of the mother as it could tear soft muscles down there.

If the placenta isn’t delivered properly, the chances are that the mother will die. By chance the mother survives childbirth, she is locked in the dark room for 11 days and she shouldn’t come in contact with any man.


Koreans believe that an expecting woman’s baby will have qualities of the things she sees and eats during her days of pregnancy. Since these things have a direct effect on the baby, they avoid feeding her things that crumble and fall like biscuits. They believe that the baby will have webbed feet just like the duck!

Koreans have a norm which requires women to give birth to babies in the hospitals under medical supervision. 96% of the deliveries are done in hospitals. Since it is a bad sign for mothers to express pain while giving birth, they use aromatherapy, acupressure and music. They believe that the mother’s howls of pain shouldn’t be the first thing the baby has to listen to.


Women in this country like to stay away from the hospitals. You may think it is because of their financial conditions but did you know that they cut open their bodies just like that without taking consent! There have been many cases reported of missing organs, exchanged babies and missing babies and much more.

The women aren’t even conscious of their surroundings due to the kind of anaesthesia they are given. So, they resort to giving birth at home with the support of other female friends and relatives.

4. Tibet

Women are seen as impure and unclean beings even if they’re doing the most beautiful thing in the world- giving birth. They get into animal pens and push till the baby comes out. They cut the umbilical cord with dirty knives and scissors just because they are impure at this time. There are hardly any hospitals in Tibet due to lack of funds and transportation.

5. Pakistan

1 woman dies every hour due to the complications while giving birth. The women here marry at the age of 15 and out of such a small population, two-thirds of the women clan remains illiterate and unaware. Due to the lack of resources and skilled professionals, only 3 out of 10 pregnant women get to deliver babies in the hospitals with the help of professionals. Most mothers to be, are underweight due to improper nutrition.

Once the baby is born, the head is shaved off and an animal sacrifice is made to honour him/her! Weird practice but true!

6. Brazil

They are the people who choose C-section over the normal vaginal delivery method. The doctors believe that by using this method of delivery, they can increase the number of births given each day. It is a safer, quicker and hygienic method of bringing a newborn in the world.

Pregnant women are treated royally in the country and are celebrated throughout their pregnant days. They never have to wait in line and are always given preference. Once the baby is born, relatives and friends come over and shower the baby with simple gifts and blessings for starting a fruitful life ahead.

7. Germany

Mothers in Germany are lucky because they are allowed 6 weeks paid leave before their due date and 8 weeks after delivering the baby. The best part is that they are entitled to take a whole of 3 years as a maternity leave.

They don’t believe in giving birth in hospitals or take any pill for pain because that makes them feel like a failure. The midwives are given a lot of importance because they know all about birthing. As it is, moms, to don’t like the vibes of the hospital, so they rely on the midwives. It is beautiful how they bond over it and the midwife helps in delivering the baby!

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