Health Benefits of Being Pregnant You Did Not Know

Yes, pregnancy is the most important process in human life as it helps us replicate ourselves. Pregnancy is the bridge that makes a mother out of a woman and a father out of a man. The type of changes that go on in a to-be mother both physically and mentally are immense and they often take their toll on the woman. But, what most of us don’t know or have ever realised is that while there are certain problems that arise during and after pregnancy, it also has a lot of benefits for mothers. And to explain this more to you, we have come up with a list of top 5 benefits of pregnancy.

1. You get to live longer

It has been scientifically proven that pregnancy actually extends the life of a mother. Basically, during pregnancy, the mother and baby exchange some cells via the placenta. And these foetus cells tend to stay in the mother’s body and protect her body from inside. So, before your baby is even born, s/he has started helping you live longer and protect you from harm. 

2. Happy sex life

In a psychological study done on pregnant women, it was actually found out that due to the changes in their hormones and mood swings, pregnant women tend to enjoy sex more than they used to before. This happens because during pregnancy the brain releases all hormones in excess as and when they are needed. It’s the same case with the pleasure hormones that are released while having intercourse.

3. Reduced risks of breast and ovarian cancer

Recent studies report that pregnancy may be an effective protector against breast and ovarian cancers. The more pregnancies you go through and the younger you start having babies the greater the effect. This is based on the fact that ovulation ceases during the nine months of pregnancy, suggesting that women who ovulate less are less likely to develop breast or ovarian cancer. Another more complicated theory suggests that breast tissue that never goes through pregnancy may be more prone to cancer.

4. Lesser menstrual cramps

Sooner or later after childbirth and breastfeeding, your menstrual cycle will resume. But here’s a good news for you- It has been seen that after childbirth, the menstrual cramps actually reduce in both number and magnitude. And in some extraordinary cases, they have actually been seen to just disappear completely. This pain reduction is a well-known phenomenon, but no one knows for sure why it occurs. One theory is that childbirth eliminates some of the prostaglandin receptor sites in the uterus.

5. Improved self-confidence

As the ultimate do-it-yourself project, pregnancy can be a unique confidence builder. Some women find their body image actually improves with pregnancy. Some studies suggest that women gain a newfound sense of their own strength after going through labour and delivery.

So, to sum it up, the benefits of pregnancy far outweigh the pain you have to endure for those 9 months. And apart from all this, the biggest benefit of pregnancy is indeed the baby that will eventually come out from you. The moment you see that sweet and cute face for the first time, more than half your health will be recovered on the spot. 


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