Homemade Baby Food Hacks That Every Mother Should Know

Introducing babies to solid foods can be both fun and a little tricky. It is important to supplement the baby’s diet with the essential and vital nutrients. Almost all mothers prefer the more hygienic homemade to readymade baby foods for their child. With homemade foods, mothers have the liberty to incorporate the ingredients of their choice with the necessary modifications. Unfortunately, babies and healthy foods are like poles apart that seldom go together. From spitting the food out to faking stomach aches, feeding the baby can be quite a nightmare for the mother. Mentioned below are some amazing hacks related to homemade baby foods. Every mother should try these hacks to ensure feeding the baby gives them happiness rather than a headache. 

1. Bring variations in the diet:

If you as adults cannot have the same food every day, how can you expect the same from the baby? Make dietary changes that are both healthy as well as tasty. There is no denying that it can be a tedious and tiring process, but your baby will surely love this change, leaving you happy and satisfied.

2. Feed in limits:

Most paediatricians suggest that while introducing the baby to solid foods, don’t try and feed them all the healthy foods in a day. The best would be to include the foods slowly and one at a time. Give them some time to savour the taste.

3. Healthy foods served in cubes: 

Do you spend a good amount of your time in the kitchen preparing the baby food with tiredness and exhaustion being synonymous with the entire process? Not anymore! Here is an important hack that can go a long way to save your precious time and energy. All you need to do is to chill the healthy foods into ice cubes and use them as and when required.

4. Innovate with the food 

It is indeed a Herculean task to make the baby eat vegetables. Mothers try every trick up their sleeves but with little success. You can instead try roasting the vegetables and then garnish them with butter and mint leaves (as per the doctor’s advice). Roasted vegetables, can, in fact, work wonders to make the overall dish more palatable. Your kid will also enjoy it to their heart’s fill. Try including colourful vegetables (broccoli, carrots, beetroot, squash melon, avocados, to name a few) to make it more appealing. Do not make the kids eat vegetables on the sly. They should be aware of what they are eating.

5. Make it simpler for them

You can also serve the fruits and vegetables in mashed or puree form. From avocados to bananas to pear to squash melon, you can puree almost all the fruits and the vegetables in different combinations (as per your kid’s liking). Fish and meat as baby foods are best served in pureed or mashed form. Here too, you can creatively garnish the food with dry fruits. To add on the nutritional content, you can mix breast milk into the puree.

6. Reduce your own kitchen time

To save your time, always keep a cooker, blender, reusable food storage seal bags, and ice trays handy. You never know when the super mom might have to put on the super chef’s hat.

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