5 Ways to Increase Creativity in Your Child

We all want our child to be hardworking, happy and creative. But creativity is something that comes on its own in a child and something that the child learns by noticing his/her surroundings and people. Yet, it still becomes the parent’s responsibility to help inculcate this creativity in their child. But then the question arises of how to put these values in your young one’s mind and for that, the following methods can be used.

1. Let your home be their canvas

It is not easy for you to allow your child to do whatever s/he wants to in your house and especially on the walls. But research has seen that the children who draw or scribble on the walls from very young age often tend to be more creative. Plus, your child’s art will only improve the decor of your house and make it seem more childlike which is a good thing.

2. Avoid bossing them around

Yes, you have to teach a lot of things to your child and yes you need to help them grow. But that does not mean in any way that you have to be bossy with them. More often than usual, we learn not from what we are told but from what we do. So give certain freedoms to your little one and let them explore the different things no matter how and no matter what they do.

3. Provide them with the resources they need

Creativity too needs certain types and amounts of resources in order to come out. You anyway buy so many things for your child and often they don’t even use them. So instead, why not provide them with the resources they themselves are asking for and you know will be used in the creative development of your child only. So, instead of dolls, get them lego sets. Instead of black pencils, get them crayons and you will see their creative juices flow.

4. Encouraging them to read and participate in arts

There is a very big difference between encouraging someone to do something and telling them to do something. Often, children tend to develop a disinterest if they are told to do something and develop an interest in something if they are subtly encouraged in doing it. Encouragement will only work if your child has even a slight interest in doing these things. So, try encouraging them towards reading books, any genre they like. And also help them participate in different arts and activities. This will not only keep them encouraged but will also help bring out their hidden talents.

5. Let them form their own opinions even if they don’t match with yours

The very first step in the development of any kind is the fact that there is a thought process going in that direction. If we keep on telling the child what to do and expecting them to keep on agreeing to everything that we say then they won’t be able to develop their own reasoning. Let them disagree with you sometimes and let them try new things. They will definitely rise only after they have fallen once or twice.

Creativeness is not something you can purchase but it is something you learn and develop. And once you provide the necessary atmosphere for your child to portray his/her creativity, they will surely astonish you.

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