Why Is My Baby Not Gaining Enough Weight?

Infants who breastfeed often face problems while gaining or increasing their weight. Sometimes, the weight they gain weight is not according to the rate at which they should be growing. What could be the possible reasons for this? Read on to know why and how you can correct this. 

Reasons why your breastfeeding baby might not be gaining adequate weight –

1. Your baby isn’t consuming enough milk

In most cases, the child does not gain weight because s/he does not consume enough breast milk. This may be due to the fact that the child is not properly latching on to the breast, feeding milk from a single breast, breastfeeding only during specific times, or it my even happen that the mother’s breast isn’t producing enough milk, maybe due to a hormonal problem. If you feel like you are producing lesser breast milk, click here to know how to increase it, and consult a doctor and know the right solution for yourself.

2. Baby’s health problems

Sometimes a child’s health problems can be the reason for them not gaining weight. Examples include breathing or cardiovascular problems, nervous problems, milk allergies, anemia, genetic disorders and muscle problems. Sometimes, presence of excessive lactose can also cause less weight gain. Taking care of those other illnesses may in turn help your baby gain the right weight.

3. One thing leads to another

If the baby’s weight is low, they tend to sleep more and are less enthusiastic about breastfeeding. They also tend to fall asleep while they are breastfeeding itself, which might cause them to consume lesser milk, which reduces the amount of milk produced in the mother’s breast, eventually leading to loss of weight. Scary, isn’t it?

Is my baby gaining enough weight?

If your child is growing up, you may sometimes be confused about whether s/he is gaining the right weight or is becoming overweight or underweight. It might be a good idea to consult and understand the baby’s growth chart.

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