Surprising Facts About STD’s

Life comes to an abrupt halt when you find out that you’ve been infected with any kind of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). With the misconceptions around us, it becomes very difficult to live in the society.

Everybody knows what STD’s are. It is just that the facts are manipulated by people and their mentality. They are the ones who create mass panic and formulate conclusions of their own.

Chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B, HIV and syphilis are commonly observed conditions that occur in most people. It is quite sad how such a deadly virus can easily destroy regular functional life.

Here are few shocking facts you didn’t know, so brace yourself for the knowledge ahead:

1.Having sex with a virgin can cure sexually transmitted diseases. This is a common misconception in the African continent, therefore the number of rapes has increased and so have the frequency of the diseases spreading.

2. Pre-ejaculated matter can still contain the deadly virus and it could spread.

3. If you think withdrawing the penis while having sex can prevent you from acquiring STD’s, you’re clearly mistaken.

4.Having unprotected sex with an infected person even once can land you up infected too.

5.Oral sex isn’t so safe after all. If you come in contact with an infected person who has a sore cold throat can infect you with genital herpes.

6. Condoms don’t provide any protection from herpes. Since only the penis is covered, the other sensitive area like thighs or bum remains exposed. Any contact with this can lead to an immediate infection.

7. A pregnant woman with STD can go into premature labour and due to ruptured membranes and infections, the baby will also acquire it.

The baby will suffer from low birth weight, pneumonia, blindness, eye infection and liver disease.

A pregnant woman with STDs may have an early onset of labour, premature rupture of membranes, uterine infections after delivery, or a stillbirth. The baby may suffer from low birth weight, eye infection (conjunctivitis), pneumonia, neonatal sepsis (blood infection), neurological damage, blindness, and liver disease.

8.Yes, certain sexually transmitted diseases can spread through touching too. Engaging in mutual masturbation can expose you to a lot of viruses that are potentially dangerous for you.

9. STDs like hepatitis A and hepatitis B have vaccinations available that could cure the infected.

10. Syphilis was named after a shepherd who was cursed with a painful disease as a punishment for insulting God Apollo (God of healing and light).

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