Tips To Tackle Motion Sickness In Babies

Nothing can be as painful and sad than seeing you little one unwell. Especially not on the day which was meant to be a happy and fun filled. Yeah, we’re talking about travelling! Be it a fun road trip with family or be it a school picnic, seeing your child feeling unwell on such a happy day can make any mother’s heart wrench.

What is Motion Sickness?

It is an uneasy feeling which occurs in the stomach. It leads to a churning sort of a sensation inside the stomach which further makes the child feel nauseated. Further on, it all gets worse and your child basically throws up all over due to this discomfort.

The issue arises when the child’s brain receives different messages from all the body’s sensory organs like the ears, eyes, joints and the nerves. A confusing signal runs towards the brain and since the brain cannot interpret it, she feels uncomfortable and therefore vomits.

Did you know?

Motion sickness can get triggered anytime even on the swing due to the back and forth motion.

What are the signs?

This condition occurs due to rocking, spinning or rolling motions.




Unsteady walking




If your child is below the age of 6 and he feels nauseous, make him lie down immediately.

What are the tips to keep motion sickness at bay?

Motion sickness can worsen if the stomach is either too full or empty. It is important that you give your child a lite snack before travelling.

If you’re travelling by car, it is important that you keep the temperature comfortable enough. The temperature in the front seat is different than the one at the back.

Excessive heat and sunny glairs can make nausea worse.

Engage your kids in activities like fun travel games which require looking around and outside. Singing songs helps in curbing down the uncomfortable feeling.

No wonder “Antakshari” is such a famous game!

Get some fancy and cool gadgets like spray bottles and battery operated portable fans. They are exclusively available for kids!

Make pit-stops often so that if the discomforting sensation comes back, the child can be comforted easily.

Most kids think sitting next to the window is fun…but what’s more fun is sitting in the middle seat.Giving your child the middle seat will allow her to have a better and more room for viewing her surroundings.

Allow ventilation so that your child will have fresh air and fresh oxygen to breathe.

If your child is hungry or dehydrated, it will aggravate the nauseous sensation.

Bring along some healthy snacks and lots of water!

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