Fetal Development Chart- Know How Your Baby Grows Inside You

Pregnancy is a time of celebration, inquisitiveness, tiredness and a lot of emotional and physical changes. But even though on the outside you are going through all these changes, inside you a new life is being formed and taking shape. Now since this completely new and interesting process is taking place inside you, there will obviously be questions running through your head. And if nothing else, then you will definitely have questions pertaining to how your baby is actually being formed inside your womb.

Well, worry not. In order to provide you with the answer to this question of yours, we would like to tell you the week-by-week development of your baby and a one-stop chart where you can see the entire development in one look.

1. Week 1

This is the time when the zygote begins to divide and starts becoming an even larger cluster of cells. This is the time when you might still ovulate.

2. Week 2

As the zygote divides further, it forms the embryonic disc that will now start differentiating separately for the bottom and the top half of the body.

3. Week 3

The formation of the notochord and neural tube occurs. This process is known as gastrulation. Now your baby is just a tiny ball of cells.

4. Week 4

The neural tube closes by this week and the heart starts beating. The arms start forming along with the tail and gill grooves.

5. Week 5

The eye parts like retina and eye cavity start forming along with leg buds and the brain enlarges inside the head.

6. Week 6 & 7

Webbed fingers and toes begin to form. The bones begin to harden and the back starts straightening while the gills and tail disappear.

7. Week 8, 9 & 10

The fingers and toes separate while the bones harden further. Eyelids are formed and the brain enlarges. The chin grows, nostrils separate, genitals start growing and the face begins to look human.

8. Week 11 & 12

A well-defined neck can be seen while the genitals are developed completely. Along with this, the sucking reflex starts appearing.

Here, the basic structure has been formed and beyond this other major organs are formed as the months pass by including the formation of the blood cells, arteries, veins and all other intricate parts. And then, after full 9 months of the child being in your womb, s/he finally comes out in just the perfect way you wanted them to be.

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