Know These Tips From Other Moms About Baby Hygiene

As a new mom, it is very important to take care of your baby’s hygiene – Be it giving her a bath or cleaning her tush. Your baby is more prone to infections and rashes if healthy hygiene habits are not adopted. 

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” – is not just a saying, it is crucial to maintaining the overall well-being and health of your newborn. So, paying a little extra attention to keep all the germs and harmful bacteria at bay will go a long way.

Here are a few helpful tips from new moms for keeping your baby hygienic and disease-free.

1. Regular diaper change

Whether you’re using a disposable diaper or a cloth diaper, it is crucial that you change your baby’s diapers on time to avoid nasty diaper rashes. Ideally, a diaper change is required every 2 to 3 hours or every time you feel wetness in the diaper.

Always use a wet wipe to clean your baby’s bottom thoroughly after taking off the soiled diaper. For baby girls, make sure to wipe from the front to the back to prevent spreading bacteria that could cause an infection. Here’s what, Shruthi, a mom of a 6-month-old has to say about this.

“I did a lot of research and got mother sparsh wipes for my little one. They are just amazing. I tried Himalayas once, but I felt this is far better. No rashes, perfectly safe and everything’s been good since day 1 to 6 months. Wet enough to clean my LO. I’ve realized rashes are due to not changing diapers on time. Please change it once in 3 to 4 hours if really wet” Shruthi

2. Gently Clean your baby’s face

Your baby’s skin is soft and delicate. It requires the most gentle care. You can use a water based wet wipe or a cotton ball dipped in warm water to wipe the forehead, cheeks, and chin. With the help of wipes, you can effectively clean your baby’s face without drying out his or her skin.

Do not ignore the ears. The region around your baby’s ears can be cleaned using a water wipe in soft, circular motions. Do not use Q-tips because they can actually harm your little one’s sensitive eardrums.

Let’s hear what Saket, parent of a 14 months old baby has to say about this-

“My newborn has really sensitive skin and Mother Sparsh water wipes work so good on him. I use it not just for cleaning his bum but also to clean his ears, nose and face in general. These wipes have that softness and moisture needed for the baby. I had used many well-known brands like Pigeon, Mee Mee & so on..but these wipes are far ahead in terms of quality. Recommended to all Mothers. Great Product”Saket

3. Your baby doesn’t need a bath everyday

Bathing your little one every day will strip her of the moisture that is required to keep the skin hydrated. Your baby’s smooth skin will quickly become dry if you are giving her a bath every day. You can bathe her for 3 to 4 times in a week or every alternate day. On the days your baby is not getting a warm bath, you can clean up the arms, legs and the torso using water wipes that are gentle and soothing.

Nishitha found the best solution to cleaning her baby –

“I really like the quality of these wipes. Moisture content is perfect and doesn’t irritate my baby’s skin even with daily use. It is perfect to use on your little one on those days when you don’t want to give him a bath. Until now I haven’t found better matching of price and quality, so ordering these wipes again as it met all my expectations”Nishitha

4. Avoid chemicals as much as possible

Always keep an eye out for products that are functional yet free of chemicals. Your baby deserves the best care in the world so why compromise when it comes to things that you are going to be using on your baby every day. These products should be made of the gentlest ingredients and preferably be paraben and silicon free. Banashree Dason, an Amazon customer and a super mom has a few words to share with all the new moms out there.

“A suggestion to new moms – using water wipes is 1000 times better than using wet wipes (which for sure have acetone, alcohol, and other chemicals). Babies don’t get so dirty even when they do poo poo that they have to be cleaned with chemicals. Even if your baby doesn’t have sensitive skin, those chemicals are harmful for their delicate sensitive bottom parts of the body. Mother Sparsh Baby Water wipes is a very good product. Zero chemicals. Ideal for a newborn. Doesn’t irritate skin and doesn’t cause any rashes either. Value for money. Packed well and delivered on time”Banashree Dason

5. Always wash your hands.

Before you touch or take care of your baby, make sure to wash your hands with liquid soap to prevent spreading germs that cause flu, colds, diarrhea and other contagious illnesses. But while you are traveling, the most convenient way to wipe away dust particles from your hands is to use water wipes. You will probably have them on you most of the time, anyway. Anuvi, mom and an Amazon customer boasts about the multifunctionality of water wipes –

“Tried this product for the first time for my year & half old twins. It rightly claims to be 98% water, & is just that! Very gentle on the baby’s skin and my skin too. I’m quite impressed with the product and it definitely meets international standards. Highly recommended”Anuvi

By following all of the above hygiene tips, your baby will surely be the cleanest baby on the block. And if you’re looking for baby wipes that will help you along in this journey then you know where to go. Mother Sparsh baby wet wipes are specifically designed for your baby’s delicate skin and are as good as pure water and cotton. 

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