Stomach Ache During Pregnancy – Why It Happens And How To Get Rid Of It

Stomach pain during pregnancy is something that everyone takes for granted. It’s almost like everyone knows that pregnancy is going to be accompanied by abdominal pains for sure – but how many people actually know what happens?

In this article we’ve elaborated about the possible reasons why your tummy might ache during your pregnancy and how you can treat it –

How does abdominal pain feel during pregnancy?

It’s going to feel like butterflies in your tummy! Sitting, walking and even standing up might feel really uncomfortable at times when the pain is too intense. Even doing some activities like jogging or stretching can cause stomach ache.

Why does my stomach ache?

In the early stages of pregnancy, stomach pain occurs in women due to natural hormonal changes coming in their body. In some women, there may be some bleeding with pain. Here are some other reasons –

1. Increasing uterus size: When the uterus stretches, then its muscles can be pain.

2. Gas in the stomach: The gas accumulated in the tummy might lead to stomachache.

3. Constipation: People who suffer from constipation also complain of stomach pain.

4. Round Ligament pain: This is the pain mothers usually feel in the second trimester. The reason for this pain is that the muscles that support the uterus, due to the growth and development of the infant, are stretched.

5. Ectopic pregnancy: If you have pain on only one side of the stomach, it can be due to ectopic pregnancy. In this, the infant begins to grow in the fallopian tube rather than the uterus. This is a serious problem, and for this you need to consult doctor as soon as possible.

6. Unsuccessful miscarriage: An unsuccessful miscarriage can also cause stomach ache to the mom.

Other symptoms of stomach ache:

i) Women have other problems fever, vomiting, bleeding or strange vaginal discharge.

ii) Despite taking adequate rest, it hurts.

iii) The pain prevents you from breathing, talking or walking properly.

How to get rid of pain?

The best medicine would be got by consulting and taking the help of your doctor. You might even show other symptoms which you may not have been able to realize. Take care that you never self-medicate.

At home, you can follow the following tips:

i) Practice light stretching of the abdomen, hands and feet

ii) Focus on sleeping and eating right.

iii) Take rest!

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