What Happens To Your Uterus After Cesarean? Find Out!

The thing about your uterus after your cesarean is that, the more you dig up, the more you will find. In your 40 weeks of pregnancy (more or less), your uterus is the most involved organ of your body. It is the one that expands and undergoes the most change, but also has the ability to return to its original state.     

How your body behaves after childbirth depends on one thing most, and that is the method in which you gave birth – whether you’ve had a C-Section or a natural delivery. If you have questions regarding your body post the C-section, here are some expert opinions from gynaecologists and scientists.  

In your Cesarean surgery, your upper abdomen is cut in order to get your baby out. This would also mean that your stomach has a short-term and a long-term recovery. This is a process that happens with everybody, but the methods of recovery might be different for each woman. 

Short-term Recovery

If you’ve had a Cesarean surgery, you are likely to experience slightly more pain than women who have given birth naturally, at least for a little while. For the first few days after your delivery, you might experience pain due to the cut in your stomach, and the first week might be really tough to get through.    

Cesarean also has the risks that come with other major surgeries. But one danger to pay attention to is that it sticks organs together. The cut tissues are held together by bands which sometimes come together and may make your limbs stick to each other and not work properly. It may need to be surgically rectified.

Long-term Recovery

Several nerves and other tissues that may have been exposed due to the surgery may take several months to recover. The area and the lining around your stomach can take up to 6 months to fully recover. It may even lose its sensitivity.

Also, a study by The Daily Mail reported that women who gave birth via C-Section experienced twice the pain compared to women who gave birth naturally. That’s even after 18 months. There isn’t a lot of information about this. So remember this – if you are recovering from or undergoing a cesarean, patience is your only friend.

The tissues that were cut which weren’t a part of your stomach and uterus also affect your recovery. So if your cuts are not healed well enough or if you are having trouble with digestion, you need to talk to your doctor.

Your stomach might not even return to the same way as it was before, but over the course of time, the cuts and swellings will be fully cured. But the little one should totally be worth all this, right?!

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