8 Things To Keep In Mind While Preparing For Delivery

The 9 months might have sped by real quick, but the hours in the labor room will go by real slow. What can you do to prepare yourself before you deliver the baby? We tell you.

1) You must try and enroll yourself in one of those childbirth classes. These classes go on for a good couple of weeks and you’ll be completely prepared for what’s coming. Don’t be like let’s go with the flow, what happens in the labor room should be something you’re well aware and prepared for.

2) Another thing you must enroll for is prenatal yoga. Yoga helps your body and mind prepare for what’s coming. At such a time, it’s most important that you have a relaxed state of mind so that your body is free of tension and can go about doing its job. Yoga is the best way to attain such a stage.

3) Shun out the negativity! As basic as this sounds, it is important. You need to watch, listen, and be a part of pleasant conversations. Though you might be strong, subconsciously negativity will affect you and in turn, cause a mind blow during the phase of labor.

4) Start studying about the process way in advance. For example, squatting increases the size of the pelvic opening by up to 28%. Study up on such kinds of trivia to prepare yourself for the D-Day. There are a ton of exercises you can do that will help you.

5) Before you get into the phase of delivery, you’ll have to find ways to ease yourself at the time of high-intensity pain. Whether a change in position might help or a hot water bag, such things need to be figured out when you go in. You won’t know for sure about the duration you’ll be in labor.

6) Find out what will help you set the mood for delivery. It’s important you stay as calm as possible during delivery, so maybe you could have a certain environment set up that’ll help you relax and get ready for delivery. It could be a song, a kind of smell, a favorite piece of cloth; anything that’ll help you. No one is judging you! 

7) Another thing that has worked tremendously is warm water tub delivery. The warmth and weightlessness of sitting in a tub makes it easier to deliver a baby. If you’re planning for a home birth, make sure a nurse or someone’s around to check for the risk of infection in the water.

8) Stick to your instincts. When it’s time for labor, a lot of people will be around to give you all kinds of suggestions and do’s and don’ts. You need to follow your instincts and do only what works for you. It’s your body, your baby, and your labor.

Labor is as hard as it sounds; but if you start preparing for it well in advance, you’ll do quite well. It’s not always better to go with the flow, some things do require a good amount of preparation.

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