The Hiccups and Tickles Inside The Womb

From the moment a woman conceives, she begins to imagine how her baby is growing in her womb. She thinks of giving the growing fetus all the good nourishment so that it develops healthily. She also begins to think about how cute the baby will be, whether or not will it look like the father or will it be as beautiful as her!

Every going-to-be-mommy is filled with zest with the thought of how adorable her baby will be. While the foetus is still growing in her stomach, she would often wish that there could be a little window through which she can see what her baby is up to.

It is said that the baby is literally hugging the mother in the womb which automatically triggers the motherly emotions of the pregnant woman. This is one of the ways a mom can bond with her baby even while he’s still inside the womb. It is indeed such a beautiful sensation that your little one is hugging you even without knowing anything about you.

Let me tell you, this hug which you feel is so warm and cute is basically your baby having hiccups! 

Have you wondered why the baby could be having hiccups?

1.Scientifically speaking, after the baby matures in your womb, the middle nervous system generates hiccups. The baby receives nourishment through the umbilical cord and the amniotic fluid. The baby is consuming “food” that way and while this is happening, the amniotic fluid gets emitted from its lungs. Thus the baby ends up having hiccups.

2. The mother feels slightly jittery inside because, on the inside, there’s a little human who is having hiccups. It makes the mother more aware of the foetus growing inside her.

3. Did you know that your baby has desires to open his eyes one in a while inside your womb! It is a moment of pride for the foetus to see himself change into a baby and seeing the world after waking up from such a long sleeping phase!

4. There’s nothing to be afraid of, after all, it is just hiccups. Understand it this way ‘ Your baby is growing healthily’

5. Be as cheerful and happy as you can because you should be enjoying this phase of motherhood. Many women have said that they have experienced their baby’s hiccups twice during their pregnancy!

6. Many babies don’t have hiccups. It takes some time for the mothers to actually understand that their baby is having hiccups. Some babies actually don’t have hiccups till they mature inside the womb.

7. You’re experiencing something so beautiful right now that you should cherish every moment that you’re experiencing!

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