10 Things Every Mom Secretly Does But Never Admits To

Mothers are probably the best creations of God. They are the ones on whom most of our life depends, and all that. Okay maybe, just maybe, moms are not that great and loving and caring all the time – they physically cannot be! We all, as mothers, at some point or the other, have caught ourselves doing super annoying things that we will never admit to doing!

Read on and nod along if you agree and have done at least one of these things!

1. Taking too many photos: Stop it with the photos! We know you love capturing your child’s special moments in your smartphones, but try to actually live them. Yes, we understand it is tempting to keep those memories for future but the mind is probably the best place to have them.

2. Leaving your baby with your parents/relatives: Take your infant along with you to the movies. Yes they cry in the dark, but leaving your kids with your parents every time makes you a bad mother.

3. Fixing your toddler’s schedule according to yours: Sleep when the baby sleeps, feed them when they are hungry. Making them sleep according to your sleep time will only reduce your sleep and mess up thier sleep cycles. Also, your baby will not understand that lunchtime is the time to eat. It is a baby.

4. Talking to all your friends about your baby: All. The Time. Your girlfriendslove you, but they don’t need to know about your baby’s poop. We know you’ll do that so yeah, best not say it!

5. Blaming your toddler when you fart: Mom, we know it’s you. So stop lying! Caught ya!

6. Bribing your kids with chocolates: You know your baby is not going to eat the cauliflower but still eat the chocolate! Besides, bribing is not good.

7. Throwing away loud toys: Babies are supposed to make noises with their toys. Are you going to throw away your baby because it’s too loud? It is a part of growing up. Getit?

8. Giving the highly unused “my kid is sick” excuse to get a leave from office: We all know you got up late. Quit giving this excuse!

9. Forgetting your kids birthday: Really? After all that pain you went through this is what you do? Tch tch.

10. Worrying about losing baby weight: Is that worrying you? Your baby can’t even sit on my own. Come on, mommy.

Mommy, these are secrets revealed by moms themselves. We know you do all of these things! Share it with other moms if your agree and give them a good laugh! 

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