Homemade Pregnancy Tests and How to Take Them

Yes, you heard it correct. You don’t always need to run down to the pharmacy store every time you have to check if you are pregnant or not. There are certain ways through which you can check it right at your own home and without any special product. But beware, these pregnancy tests might not always be reliable and you might have to take the pharmaceutical one too. But why not start with the homemade first. So, here are a few homemade pregnancy tests you can take.

1. Sugar Test

This test requires the most basic of components which you will definitely have right in your kitchen. For this test, all you have to do is to add close to 3 teaspoons of white sugar into a clean bowl. Now add in your urine sample. Once you’ve done this, wait for around 5 minutes. If your sugar crystals remain intact, i.e. not dissolved, this indicates- you’re having a baby.

2. Bleach Test

This is another one of the components that you will have in your home itself. But, be careful when handling bleach and keep your distance while mixing it. Add a cup of bleach to the clean container. Now, pour in your urine sample and mix the two well. If this mixture forms a foam then it’s a good news, you are about to be a mommy.

3. Toothpaste Test

Yes, you read it right, that toothpaste you are using is not just for whitening your teeth. It can be used for other things as well like a pregnancy indicator. So here’s how it works. Simply get a hold of your urine sample in a container. Next, mix 2 tablespoons of simple, white toothpaste into that container. If the mixture happens to turn a shade of blue then you are going to be a mother soon. But the only toothpaste that works in this test is the old, white one and not the coloured gels that are available these days.

4. Dandelion Leaves Test

If by any chance you have access to some Dandelion leaves then you sure are lucky. Take some of the leaves that are not exposed directly to the sun. Now, place close to 2 cups of the collected leaves in a clean container. Then proceed to mix in the urine sample you collected as well, allow the leaves to fully soak in the urine. Now, wait patiently, for roughly 10 minutes. If you happen to notice red bumps or blisters develop on the leaves then you are definitely pregnant.

5. Latch Test

This test will require you to fetch a latch. Yes, a latch. Place the latch into a clean container then proceed to mix in your urine sample. Now, wait for roughly 3 hours. If you happen to notice the impression of your latch upon the base of your container then congratulations are in order because you are about to be a mom.

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