How Relationships With Siblings Change After Marriage

All relationships change with the changing situations in life. The relationship between you and your parents change when you are out of college and have started earning money on your own. The relationship between you and your husband change dynamically after you have a child together. Similarly, the relationship you have with your sibling changes after marriage. You may have experienced it yourself. Read on to see if this has happened to you.   

You can’t fight with each other the way you used to

Even if you do think about fighting with your sibling, your parents will definitely try and stop you. “What will his wife think?” OR “What will her husband say?” are the main concerns now, not who started it or who took the last piece of cake.

You can’t steal their stuff anymore

Remember that t-shirt you would always /BORROW/ without permission because it looked better on you? Yeah, you are not allowed to do that anymore. In fact, your sibling’s laptop, phone and everything else now belongs to them and their significant other. It’s unfair, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

You are not the centre of their attention anymore

Well, of course, they will want to be there for you, but they may not always answer your calls. They will be a bit busy now that they have another family to look after. Finding the balance between old family and the new one is tough.

You may slowly lower your expectations

They will always care about you and want to know everything that is happening in your life. But they may not always be physically there for you. They may only be able to talk to you about things over a phone call or text message.

You may feel the need to back up

The last thing you want to do is be the third wheel. Though you have always known to be by your sibling’s side, making fun of them, going out with them or having inside jokes with them, there is a new person in their life now who is going to do all of those things and you will respectfully back off.

You can’t have fun with them whenever

Your sibling might have been a total party animal before marriage. But now that they have a family to look after, they will not have the time to be as fun as they used to. But they will definitely try to take the time to spend time with you when they can.

No matter what, just remember that you are always on your sibling’s mind and always in their heart. Did you find this article relatable? Share it with your siblings! 


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