What To Expect During Your First Prenatal Checkup

It is natural for any pregnant woman to feel anxious about her first prenatal checkup. Your anxiety shouldn’t stop you from getting a check because you need to find out how well your baby is able to survive inside.

Through this process your doctor will be able to determine the health of the growing fetus and whether or not there are complications. Your first visit to the doctor will be longer than usual because you’ll have to undergo a lot of tests and formalities before you get your report.

You will have to make a visit to the doctor 8 weeks after your last menstrual cycle.

What are the questions the doctors will ask you?


 If you’ve had any psychological, physiological or medical conditions before you got pregnant.

-Your BMI

-A cervical exam to check on the environment inside; hopefully not developing into something cancerous.

-A breast exam

-The date of your menstrual cycle

-If you’ve been using any contraceptives (pills)

-History of miscarriages and abortions

-Allergy towards substances

-Family history of health

-An ultrasound will be conducted if you have experienced any kind of bleeding or cramping while you were pregnant.

What are the tests that will be conducted?

A number of tests will be conducted on you, but you shouldn’t be worried at all.

1.Urine test

They check it to find the levels of glucose, protein, white blood cells, bacteria and blood in your body.

2. Blood test

Nobody likes being pricked with a needle, but getting a blood test is important for you. Your blood sample will determine your blood type, Rh status (a protein carried by the Red blood cells) and anaemia.

It will also help the doctors understand your body’s internal environment like the immunity to certain diseases like chickenpox and the deficiency of vitamin D.



3. Genetic abnormalities

This test will give an understanding whether or not any faulty genes were being passed on to the baby. It is known to cause sickle cell anaemia and cystic fibrosis.

4.STD test

Your baby’s life is more important to you and you cannot risk your little one’s life by being careless about the possibility of transferring STDs like AIDS, HIV and Hepatitis B.

5.Pap smear test

This a test conducted on the cervix just to be sure that it is not developing into something cancerous.

6. Blood sugar test

This is a test that will be conducted just to see if you have gestational diabetes.

7. The official countdown

If you know the date you conceived on and the last date you had your periods, your doctor will be able to tell you exactly when your due date is.

8. The prep talk

Once the doctor checks up on the health of you two, she will be able to guide you through your pregnancy. Like, she will tell you about what’s good and what’s bad, the kind of food you should be eating and avoiding, the type of care you should be taking etc. So, you’ll be talking everything about your baby and you so it will be really interesting! 

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