3 Secrets To A Happy Marriage

Relationships are based on a promise – a promise to love one another and cherish one another. For this to happen, respect is fundamental. If your don’t respect the other person, everything else would seem superficial.

Both people in a relationship need to respect the other. If you’re married to someone, then a spouse needs to be an actual partner, sharing in their partner’s joys and sorrows, and their highs, lows and middles.

Respecting someone requires you to invest time, work and aspirations!

When you agree to be a partner, you’re agreeing to share their responsibilities. A partner needs to be involved in areas that they can help in and stay a safe distance when they know their partner needs the space.

One of the great joys of being in a relationship, be it a marriage or something else, is the knowledge and safety that you are not alone, that you have someone in your life who cares about you and is ready to help you when you need it, that you have someone cheering you on in your best and worst times.

Respect can be shown in various forms – by simply being there for someone, by showing them that you care, by helping them even when no one else is ready to. Respect is even seen in the way you behave with them, the way you speak and listen to them, and even your posture.

Respecting someone also requires you to spend time on them and the willingness to work on your relationship.

Respect often results in influence

When you admire or respect someone, you tend to start being influenced by them. Your admiration for them might result in you changing your ways to adapt to their style. You may start seeing things from their perspective, and understand some things differently. A partner who respects you will also have an ally in family, business and for life.

Respect often nourishes a healthy emotional relationship too

Emotional quotients are different for different people. For some people, being emotionally expressive comes naturally, while for some others, this is really difficult. It may be difficult initially, but letting someone into your heart and completely trusting them will actually strengthen the bond between two people.

Respect, admiration and trust – not in any particular order – form the basis of any strong relationship. Anyone without the other will be a hollow reflection of what the relationship could be. A healthy marriage, sibling relationship, partnership and even a strong friendship – all of them require a certain amount of compromise and understanding. This is what will give you the strength to get through tough times, navigate problems and communicate well.

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