How Does Your Body Change During Pregnancy?

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As your body grows to accommodate and nurture your baby, you will notice a lot of changes – Be it emotional or physical. Most of these changes are essential in protecting the little one growing inside you but some of them are just downright irksome. If you’re an expectant mom then you’ll surely relate.

Here are a few body changes that most pregnant women go through:

1. Breast changes

The hormones in your body are changing to prep you for breastfeeding. This will leave your breasts tender and swollen. Apart from this, you’ll also notice bumps around your nipples. These bumps are formed to keep your nipples moist and clean so that your baby doesn’t catch an infection during breastfeeding. Some women also notice darkening of this area after giving birth.

2. Veins

You may develop noticeable veins all over your belly, breasts, and legs. This is because of your heart beating faster to make extra blood. You may also notice swelling of veins, especially on your legs because of the extra weight of your baby bump during pregnancy. These are known as varicose veins and are usually blue or purple coloured.

3. Thick hair

Because of the increase in the estrogen levels during pregnancy, you’ll notice less hair fall thereby resulting in a thick head of hair. Your hair is also shinier giving it a luscious look. You’ll enjoy this privilege throughout pregnancy but after the birth of your child, you might notice hair loss that might seem like a lot because you barely would’ve lost any in the last 9 months.

4. Pregnancy Glow

You’ll receive a lot of compliments on your skin complexion while you’re pregnant. That pregnancy glow is because your face is covered with a fine sheen of oil due to change in your hormones. But the glow might not be everlasting because oil buildup usually causes acne and you wouldn’t wish an acne breakout even on your worst enemies.

5. Heartburn

During pregnancy, your body slows down the process of breaking down food so that you can absorb all the nutrition. The progesterone hormone relaxes muscles during pregnancy including the stomach valve that keeps out the acid from the esophagus. This results in acid being forced into the esophagus which might cause a heartburn. 

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