Things to Take Care of When Travelling With a Baby

Travelling with a child is already hectic enough. But then if that child is just a baby and you are going in a flight, well then you are in for one hell of a ride. The pressure difference alone will keep on irritating your baby and then top it off with a completely confined space, well you really will need a lot of help. But then, travelling is a part of life and you will have to take your baby with you on a lot of occasions. But worry not, we are here to help you through this and thus we would like to give you some tips that will definitely help you in travelling with your baby.

1. Always have extra clothes

No matter how many changes of clothes you have kept in your check-in baggage, always carry 2-3 sets of clothes in your carry-on bag too. You never know what your child might do and you might have to change his/her clothes at that moment. The flight is a new experience for them and the pressure difference makes it difficult for them to rest peacefully.

2. Carry snacks as many as you can

During pressure difference, one of the most basic things that help us get adjusted is the movement of your jaw and the fact that opening the mouth helps adjust the internal and external body pressure. So, in order to make the baby move his/her mouth, it is important you have some snacks ready not only for him/her but for yourself too.

3. Try travelling overnight as much as possible

During daytime, the baby is somewhat awake and they are very active. But being in the same position for a long time makes them restless and they start crying or acting out. So, book an overnight flight so that they are tired enough and just sleep off instead of making it a scene and disturbing you and everyone else.

4. Keep a stock of basic medical supplies

In a flight or any other mode of transport you use, it is obviously a likely possibility that your little one will do something or the other that might hurt him or her or maybe they can get ill on the way due to some reason. In that case, it is important that you have some medical supplies ready and on hand so that you can use them as and when it becomes necessary.

5. Take a walk every now and then

Sitting for too long at the same place can be boring for both you and your baby. And thus it is important that every now and then you get up and take a walk. This will help calm the little one down and will also give you a little exercise. This will also help reduce the pressure difference that the baby might feel in his/her ears. 

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