Which Animals Have The Longest Pregnancies?

We know that 9 months is a long time to carry a baby in your womb. It gets really exhausting and at the end of it, you just want the baby to come out already, right?

Well, if you thought 9 months were hard, check out some of these other pregnancies of other mammals on the planet and THEN maybe you’ll be grateful you have only 9 months of it.

They’re pretty cool, actually. Unless you’re a giraffe. Because then it just sucks.

1. Cow:

Cows are pregnant for almost the same time as humans, but their calves are born at 10 months.

2. Horse:

Horses are pregnant for maybe 1 or 2 months more than us. But imagine carrying a baby horse inside you! That’s like carrying the equivalent of 13 human babies inside you.

3. Sea Lion:

Sea lions are usually pregnant for 11 or 12 months. The same as a horse.

4. Zebra:

Apparently it takes zebras 12 to 13 months in the womb for them to get their super-cool stripes!

5. Camel

Camels are pregnant for 13-14 months. And after that, they are rid of their bump.. But we can’t say the same about the hump!

6. Donkey

Yeah, the same ass that everyone likes to overwork and make fun of, actually takes 12 to 14 months to fully grow in the womb.

7. Giraffe

An average pregnancy of a giraffe lasts 15 months. A human being can give birth and become pregnant again in that duration!

8. Sperm Whale

Female sperm whales carry baby whales inside them for 14-16 months. Don’t forget: whales are the biggest mammals on the planet. Ever.

9. Rhino

Rhinos are awesome and they even remind us of dinosaurs. Being the big strong animal that it is, they need 16 to 19 months in the womb before they’re born.

10. Killer Whale

Killer whales have to carry their babies for 17-18 months. That is a year and a half! Whew!

11. African Elephant

This majestic beast carries a baby in it for 22 months. That is 2 months lesser than TWO YEARS. Imagine carrying around a baby elephant for that long.

12. Sharks

For sharks, even 2 years of pregnancy is considered normal. That’s 24 months of a baby shark growing in your womb. For some shark kind, even THREE AND A HALF YEARS is not a big deal. Imagine that! Insane!

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