8 Types of Fathers You Didn’t Know About

Dads come in all shapes and sizes. Short, tall, skinny, fat, young, old, etcetera, etcetera. Some are the sports enthusiast, some love cars while some like art. But no matter what type he is, dad is the first and the only real superhero in every child’s life. Let us take a look at some types of dad and find which one is your dad.

1. Old-School Dad:

They like to do things the old way. They are always nostalgic and reminisce the good old times. They intrigue (and sometimes bore) you with the stories of their glorious past and lecture you on how tough their life was as compared to yours. Using modern technology is a complete nuisance for them and teaching them to use cool gadgets can be a nightmare for you.

2. Tech-savvy Dad: 

Just opposite to old-school dads, these dads are up to date with the latest technological trends and the products’ launch. They own all the top-notch gadgets, be it a media player or a laptop or a gaming console. Even their phone has all the updated apps. You turn to them surprisingly enough whenever your laptop hangs or your camera won’t work.

3. The Chef: 

These dads love to cook and experiment with different dishes. They always cook you your favourite dish and you love them for it. You are served mouth-watering food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are also popular among your friends for hosting exotic Sunday brunches and barbecues.

4. The Cannot-cook-a-thing Dad: 

The worst nightmare for this kind of dads is to step in the kitchen and ‘make’ something to eat. If by any chance they are to feed you all by themselves, get ready to be feasting on instant noodles and frozen lasagna. Or if you are lucky, they will just order pizza for everyone.

5. The Sporty Dad: 

They love sports. They are athletically built and give you major fitness goals. They lay a great stress on your physical well-being. They wake you up early in the morning and take you jogging. They are great coaches and love to teach their favourite sport to you and your friends.

6. Fixer Dad: 

He is the dad that fixes all your problems – be it when your car breaks down or to change a flat tyre or assembling your new DIY furniture. He is the one that always comes to the rescue and saves you money and teaches you important survival skills that you are going to need in life more than your formal education.

7. The Chilled-Out Dad: 

He is the dad all your friends wish they had. They are envious of you because of your super cool dad. He never yells at you no matter how late you come home at night or how poor your grades are. They give you the ultimate freedom to live your life as long as you are sincere and don’t land yourself into any trouble and teach you about the rights and wrongs of life in the calmest manner possible. However, they don’t like it when you take them for granted and check their patience.

8. The Proud Dad: 

Every dad is a proud dad, but they take their pride in you to a next level. Everywhere they go and every person they meet, they are busy telling about your achievements – no matter how small they be and beaming with pride while they do so. You are the only centre of attention in their life and they are filled with joy even your every moment of happiness.

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