Sleeping During Pregnancy – Tips And Positions

One of the most common complaints during pregnancy is lack of sleep. Even sitting upright or standing becomes really uncomfortable. The main reason for this is of course the immense changes your body undergoes during pregnancy. Your stomach increases in size, causing stomach ache, heartburn and sometimes even trouble breathing.

Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs when they’re curved is considered to be the best position. Whether you’re sleeping on your left or right is your decision. If you’re also suffering from back pain, then we would advise placing a pillow under your belly too.

While you’re pregnant avoid sleeping on your back, as it may cause headaches and respiratory problems, along with problems of digestive tract and hemorrhoid. All this happens because the blood circulation to your heart slows down, and hence, it slows down even for your infant. 

There are three super-helpful sleeping tips that are considered to make you feel most comfortable while sleeping:

1. Use Extra Pillows:

Using extra pillows makes sure that extra pressure is not applied on your hips and tummy. Try keeping the pillows where you experience pain, and it might go away.

2. Sports/Maternity Band

Maternity bands have proved to be super comfortable while sleeping. These will keep pain at bay during the night. Here is everything you need to know about maternity bands.

3. Keep a check on your food intake

Eat normal amounts of food, and don’t eat too much with the misconception that you’re eating for two people. It causes your stomach to bloat up and may also cause reflux pain.

When you’re going through your pregnancy, no position might feel a comfortable one for you to sleep in, and this will also affect the way you sleep. But, by sleeping in the right position, might be able to relieve yourself of this discomfort and take that long, relaxing sleep you’ve been dreaming about for months!

Sleeping can be a pain and we understand that, but ensuring you get the right amount of sleep in the right position is a super-important thing that you must not forego every day. Sleep is vital for your body because that is when your body recovers and rejuvenates, and gets the energy needed to fulfil your daily activities along with growing a baby in your belly.

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