This Heartfelt Letter From A Dad To His Daughter Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

To my dearest daughter,

I look at you and it just feels like yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time. You grew up so fast, sweetheart and I know you’re probably rolling your eyes right now because of the number of times I’ve said this already. When we first brought you home, I was so scared to even hold you because of how tiny you were and I wouldn’t let anyone else hold you either. I would come home to your laughter and it would fill my heart with joy. Your mother and I spent a lot of nights just watching you sleep in your crib. We couldn’t believe our eyes – Our daughter, our very own blood.

You’re a grown up now, at least for the world you are a grown woman but you’ll also be my little sweet pea who would laugh after every sneeze. You don’t know this, but on your first day of school, I sat outside your class waiting for it to get over. What if the other kids hurt you? Or what if you got overwhelmed by having so many people around you? But as you walked out the classroom door with a smile, I knew you handled it better than I did. And that’s how it’s always been – You were the one that told me to calm down when I needed to and you were also the one that pulled me to that amusement park ride that took 10 years off my life. I wonder how the days where I used to teach you how to ride a bicycle quickly turned into me sitting behind you on your scooty. I feel so lucky every time I look at you because no matter how much I’d like to think we raised you to be an amazing person. It’s mostly just you, you were born with a kind heart and a beautiful soul. And I’m not saying all of this just because you’re my daughter.

But it’s not always been a smooth ride, I remember the time you didn’t talk to me for 2 days because I had a fight with your mom. The 2 most important people in my life weren’t talking to me and I felt like I was in hell. Of Course, such tiny(It was huge to me) bumps are inevitable in the journey of life and you’ll see many such instances once you’re married. See, how subtly I brought up marriage…hahaha. Well, it’s another inevitable thing. You’re getting married, well you probably are already married by the time you read this. It’s unbelievable to think that you won’t be living with us or eating with us or that I won’t have you to plot schemes against your mother. (P.S. She still doesn’t know that we’ve hidden her bangle in that pot.)

So, I’m supposed to tell you that marriage is full of compromises and every hurdle makes your relationship stronger but I’m not going to. All I want to tell is that I’m here for you no matter what happens. Maybe there’s trouble in paradise or work trouble or you just want to know how much salt should be there in that curry (Although I know nothing about cooking, I’ll learn it and say it to you).

The first thing I was looking for when I was searching for the perfect groom is where he lived. Ideally, next door would be awesome but even I realize that that’s too much to ask. But your mother convinced me that it’s not the distance but the person who matters. If your husband is caring and affectionate enough to make you forget us, then we’ve achieved our goal. Do you see the irony in this? We are searching for a person that won’t make you miss us. I hate how this world works sometimes and I hate that I will be complaining to you about this on the phone and not in person come next week. So here’s to your married life that I know you’re going to handle just as amazingly as you’ve handled everything else in your life.

You are everything a father could wish for and more. So go, go live your life and show the world how it’s done.

With all the love,

Your dad 

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