5 Signs That You Are The Most Adorable Couple

Friendship is one of the biggest and the best human treasured relationships. It takes one human to know the value of the other person. All it needs is experience, trust and loyalty. Mix these three ingredients and open a doorway to the best kind of relationship you will ever experience in your lifetime.

Finding a best friend in your partner is a blessing in disguise.Lucky are those who get married to their best friend because after your mother, they are the ones who know you through and through.

Love comes with a ton of rules, boundaries and inhibitions.Friendship is a bond that is true and will last a lifetime.Some get lucky by getting married and then end up becoming each other’s soulmates.

Here are 5 signs that will prove that you’re the most adorable couple ever:

1.You always team up no matter what

Your motto is not falling in love, but rising in love. You believe in building each other’s lives so that you can have a comfortable life ahead even as parents. Afterall, parenting is nothing but teamwork, right?

2. Forever and after

You promise each other that you will stick with them through thick and thin and those words turn into actions. You find yourself falling in love over and over again. Your relationship floats on faithfulness, security, transparency and sincerity.

Destiny will keep the two of you together, forever and even after that!

3.Secretly color-coordinating

You love to dress up alike. You will make it a point to match the colour of your clothes, especially if you have to attend a party or any other social event. It is so cute that you love showing people how cool the two of you can be sometimes!

4. Secret?? What’s that?

You have nothing to hide from each other. You’re as transparent as a piece of glass. You talk about your differences and make peace with it. You don’t like things in your head and overthinking about it.

5. You fight but only to deepen the relationship

You must have experienced fights about petty things and it would have lead to more disagreement. You have never let your ego barge in and ruin the relationship. You forgive and learn to forget about it. You are compassionate and thoughtful about your partner’s feelings regarding the issue. 

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