Backaches During Pregnancy: Moms Confess

For all the moms to be out there, backaches are quite painful and uncomfortable, but it only means that your baby is growing bigger and bigger. You usually start feeling the pain during the second half of your pregnancy and be assured that you’re not the only one.

Backaches occur because of a lot of reasons. The most obvious one is that the little one inside of you is getting heavier by the day, and your body has to balance that weight too. Along with your baby growing, you also start putting on some extra pounds. The center of gravity during your pregnancy changes due to the added weight, finally resting on the spinal cord, causing the pain. It could also be because of pregnancy-related stress. The emotional stress can be felt in your body as back spasms or back pains. If you’re looking at hormonal changes, during pregnancy, your body releases a hormone called relaxin, which loosens the muscles, joints, and ligaments in the pelvic area to prepare for childbirth. Relaxin can have the same effect on the ligaments of the spine, causing it to loosen and leading to back pain.

A lot of expecting mothers have noticed that their backaches can be attributed to one of the above reasons.

A few women recommend the traditional relaxation method of applying heat or ice to the affected area. Applying a cold pack or a hot water bottle to the painful area could help soothe the pain.

Other women have recently started venturing into acupuncture. It’s a Chinese form of therapy which involves needles being inserted in your back at pressure points to release the pain.

If none of these work, women also suggest continuing with your exercise routine even during pregnancy. Consult with your doctor about safe exercises to undertake during pregnancy and try them. The workout hormone could help your body and would also give you some peace of mind. But ensure that you wear the right footwear at all points of the day, as finally, the weight of your body rests on your feet.

If you suspect that the pain you’re feeling is due to some form of stress, it’s best to approach someone to talk to and ask for advice. It could be a psychiatrist or someone as close as a friend.

As a daily habit to improve, keep a check on your body posture. Try as much as possible to take the weight away from your back and direct it elsewhere.

Usually, backaches are a common symptom of pregnancy. It ceases once the delivery is done. However, if it persists, it would be wise to consult a doctor on how it should be treated. 

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