5 Unique Diwali Gifts to Give to Your Family

Diwali, the festival of lights and celebration is just around the corner and as usual, it’s a race against time to buy Diwali gifts. Giving gifts on Diwali is not just a random habit that you have to follow but is actually a way of thanking our close ones for being there with us in good and bad throughout the year. These gifts vary in intensity based on the people the gifts are being given to and thus there is always this thing going on in your head of what gift to give to whom. When it comes to family, however, these gifts need to be even more personal, unique and interesting because, well, it’s family. So, in order to help you through this phase of deciding what gifts to give to your family, we have come up with a list of 5 top gifts you can give them.

1. Electronic Photo Frames

One of the most recent and unique gifts that have become a favourite amongst a lot of people recently is an electronic photo frame. Gone are those days when you had to get the pictures printed and then put them on the photo frame. With the advancement in technology, it has become a trend to gift electronic photo frames with different pictures installed.

2. Smart Phones

Everyone these days needs phones to talk on and use the internet. So, obviously gifting a phone to your mother in law or even sister or brother in law makes a lot of sense. The only thing is, you should know the type of phone they will like and the brand of the phone they have been waiting for. This will definitely be one of those gifts they will not be expecting for sure.

3. Gold Jewellery

Diwali is the festival of Goddess Laxmi and the main thing associated with her is gold. And anyway it is also a custom to buy something gold on Diwali or even gold plated. Gifting something like this will definitely put you in the good books of your family and will give a golden glow to your gift quite literally.

4. Silverware/Crockery

Another interesting and unique gift that you can give to someone in your family is the different kinds of crockery and silverware. Especially different types of dry fruit holders for that are definitely put to display during Diwali. This way, they will remember you no matter how far or nearby to them, you are.

5. Couple watches

Another one of the gifts that will definitely work out for both your father and mother in law is a couple’s watch. They are surely going to see the love behind it and will accept the gift will all the love they have for you. So, gift them something that will keep them bound together with each other.

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