Detox Plan To Lose Weight Easily

We try so many things to lose weight – starving ourselves, exercising till our limbs hurt and being on the hunt for that weird ingredient that your neighbour swears by for her weight loss. But there’s a simpler and quite frankly less stressful way of losing weight healthily – Dexoting. People usually follow detox diet plans for a week but it can also be done longer. Apart from the obvious result of weight loss, it also helps to cleanse out unwanted stuff from your body.

Detox diet is the perfect thing for you to try if:

1. You don’t feel active and full of energy when you wake up in the morning. Other symptoms like digestive issues, body aches and allergies are also an indication that you might want to detox your body.

2. You’ve been eating less and working out more – but you still feel like crap because you’re now low on energy and it hasn’t even resulted in any weight loss.

3. You feel like your sweet tooth has resulted in a sugar addiction and you crave for something sweet every day.

4. You’ve never detoxed before. Think about it – All your life you’ve been inputting so much junk in your body, can’t you spend a week trying to eat some healthy food?

5. You’ve been stressed and your body’s showing not-so-subtle signs that you should rest. A cleanse would give the much-needed rest that your body needs and deserves.

A Detox diet should be full of vegetables, fruits, beans, protein, healthy fat and good carbs. Avoid anything with sugar in it, caffeine, alcohol, carbohydrates and fatty junk food.

Detox water is a great way of losing weight and flushing out the toxins. You need to have detox water throughout the day. Fill up your water bottles and keep sipping on it as your day progresses. Here are a few detox water recipes:

1. Apple and cinnamon

Add thinly sliced apple pieces and cinnamon sticks to a glass of water. It has a lot of health benefits that reduce the risk of induced cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.

2. Orange and blueberries

This colourful infused water can be made by adding a few orange wedges and a handful of blueberries to purified water. This will increase your metabolism, tone your skin, and will curb your appetite naturally.

3. Strawberry and watermelon

You would’ve already guessed that this recipe is super delicious but what you might not know is that it also helps lower your blood pressure and reduce soreness in your muscles.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber water is healthy in flushing out all the impurities and will give you a refreshed feeling after every sip. Just cut a few slices of fresh cucumber and dunk them in the water.

Following this diet for a week can help you lose anywhere between 2 and 6 kgs. So, are you going to take that step towards a healthier you? 

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