How To Get Your Baby To Eat Without Vomiting

It is quite a heart-wrenching scene for a mother to see her baby spit up food every day. Thinking about all those nutrients lost, it brings in a vibe of worry to the mother. No matter what the baby ingests, be it breast milk or any other food, it invariably comes out in the form of vomit. All the efforts put into preparing and feeding go in vain because the baby just keeps puking.

Admit it or not, cleaning your child’s puke is disgusting. Although he’s a part of you and cleaning is a part and parcel of parenting, it is outright unpleasant for any human to clean dirty puke. 

Why do children puke?

Vomiting is a bodily reaction of the body to reject and emit the germs and other toxins and poisonous matter. But prolonged and constantly vomiting can be dangerous as it could be a warning sign of a serious condition.Children puke after eating due to many reasons such as an inflammation in the digestive system or food reactions etc.

Since their system’s make is still developing, sudden changes in food and taste make them reflux and then vomit. Reflux is nothing but the remainders of the previously ingested food that come up through the food pipe and expelled out of the body orally. The muscle which keeps food within the stomach is relatively loose in babies as its development is still in the process. This is why babies and few children keep throwing up everytime after eating.

It is normal for any baby to puke and you cannot do anything to control this. The baby will throw up even if you give him the blandest of all foods. His functioning stomach is what creates the problem. Anyhow, this problem isn’t that serious. By the age of 3, children will stop throwing up so much and they will be able to have control over their reflexes.

How to take care of babies after they throw up?

Projectile vomiting is quite exhausting. It drains out everything from the system. Just like there’s a reset button in gadgets to refresh them, throwing up is like a reset button in human beings.

It causes fatigue and babies being such tiny humans need double the care because they are incapable of taking care of themselves. Here’s what you should do to take care of your little baby:

-Keep the baby hydrated

-Enough rest is recommended to regain and restore strength

-Don’t freak out if your child doesn’t eat after puking

-If your child hasn’t eaten for 12 hours and more, don’t worry he’ll begin to feel hungry again. Your toddler will begin to feel hungry again and this time give him bland food and keep him hydrated throughout.

-If he asks for food, put that lovely smile on your face and give him a bowl of cereal or a bowl of noodles (non-spicy).

-Give him enough love, care and affection. The child needs to be pampered and loved at this time for a quicker and faster recovery.   


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