5 Tips to Survive Your Baby’s First Haircut

There are certain milestones in a mother’s life that take a lot out of her physically and mentally. But then, these milestones are the ones that have to be faced and thus more than the baby, the mother needs to be prepared for it. The baby’s first haircut is one such milestone that is actually celebrated in India. But still, though the rest of the family is celebrating this milestone, the mother, however, is nervous and praying the entire time that nothing should go wrong or her little baby should not be troubled. But don’t worry mommies, though we can do little about the nervousness you feel, we can help you out in keeping everything else in check. Here are some tips to help you survive your baby’s first haircut.

1. Bring snacks

Your little one will always feel hungry every now and then. And since you are going out, it won’t be possible to get healthy food for them everywhere. So, pack some light snacks that they can enjoy. These snacks will keep them distracted enough from haircutting and they will be able to get through it without any problems.

2. Get your baby’s favourite toy

It is difficult to keep a baby still for a long time without them moving around. Children often tend to get bored too easily. Thus, it is important that they have something to keep them occupied while the hair stylist does his or her work. And so, take their favourite toy with you to give them something to do.

3. Take a change of clothes

You don’t exactly know after how long you will go back to your home. And once the little one has his/her haircut it is very likely that some of the hair will go into their clothes. This will definitely start irritating them soon enough and they will keep on crying or getting itchy. Thus, it is always a better option to change them out of their haircut clothes.

4. Don’t use force

One of the common mistakes that most of the mothers make is that they start using force to restrict their child’s movement. This, in turn, tends to agitate them even more and results in a bad time and experience for both you and your little one.

5. Get someone else with you

It is not possible for only you to keep your child in check or keep them engaged. And it’s no secret that though they love you the most, they still like the company of someone else. So why not get your husband or your older child or anyone else who themselves can get a haircut too that will relax your child. If not that, the person can entertain your little one and keep them occupied.

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