6 Signs Your Husband Can’t Live Without You

Ever had that talk with your husband about what you guys would do, if you weren’t there for each other? It’s a morbid talk but it is sure to pop up at least once in your lifetime. There might’ve also been many instances where you just go ‘Whatever will you do without me?’. Here are a few such examples.       

1. He can’t go a day without talking to you

Does your husband call you at odd times of the day not just to talk about something important, but to just talk? Especially if your husband is out of station then you can expect a call at the most inconvenient of times (when you’re in the washroom, or you’re hanging out with your friends) to just tell you that he misses you. He might not say it in so many words but you know there hasn’t been a day that you haven’t gone without at least a hello. 

2. He talks about future with you in it

Whether it is something as huge as planning to buy a house or just that rocking chair that your husband says ‘we can grow old together in’, his plans for the future always includes you. You might’ve even had that talk about how to raise your kids or even how to cope up when your kids grow up and move up (Although it’s way into the future).

3. He doesn’t know where anything is in the house

Do your mornings begin and end with ‘Where are my keys?’ , ‘Where is my wallet?’ and so on. He is practically clueless without you in the house. One second he’ll be complaining about how his socks are not in a pair and the next he’ll be thanking you for finding that missing sock. That’s a classic sign of ‘What would I do without you?’

4. He makes plans to spend time with you

Whether it’s been a heavy work week or just one of those weeks where you feel like a drag, if your husband takes a little time to plan out a date or goes far and beyond just to the make some time for you, then you know he’s willing to put effort into your relationship. This is a very good sign as it shows just how much he prioritizes and appreciates you.

5. He cannot sleep without you

He’s so used to you occupying more than half of the bed that he feels incomplete without it. Your warmth and your smile are all he needs to end the day with. This might be the reason why you’re constantly interrupted by your husband’s ‘come to bed’ yells when you’re watching your favourite show on the television.

6. He worries about you

You might’ve just gone out for shopping but your husband will still be worried about you until the second you return. ‘It’s been 2 hours, why hasn’t she come back yet?’ is a thought constantly racing through his mind. When you inform him that you’ll be doing something, the first thing that pops out of his mouth is ‘Just be careful’. You’re always on his mind and if this isn’t a sign that your husband won’t be able to live without, we don’t know what else is. 

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