5 First Aid Tips Every Mom Should Know

Children are tiny little beings who tend to do a lot of tricky and weird things and sometimes end up injuring themselves or affect themselves in a bad sort of way. Thus, it becomes important for the mothers to be ready for any of these eventualities and be prepared if something happens. So, it is all the more crucial that you have certain basic first aid skills that you can instantly apply if something happens to your little bundle of joy. And in order to get you prepared, we would like to give you a list of some basic First Aid that you should know.

1. Heimlich maneuver

Babies often tend to put one thing or the other in their mouth and quite often they start choking on it. Thus it is important for you to know how to get these things out of their mouth or food pipe. One of the ways that are used to prevent choking is the Heimlich manoeuvre. But, this manoeuvre is done differently for children that what is done for adults and this difference needs to be learned and taken care of. 

2. Preventing nosebleed

Another common occurrence in young children is a nosebleed. Though a nosebleed often happens because the baby might themselves on the nose, it sometimes might also happen if they put their finger or something else in their nose. So, it is important that you know how to treat it and you can at least prevent excess blood loss. All you need to do is tilt their head up and put some cotton on their nose. A clot will soon form at the injury and the bleeding will stop.

3. CPR

Another one of the first aid that all mothers or in fact everyone should know is CPR. Giving mouth-to-mouth breathing to someone can come in handy at any time. Thus, the art of CPR should be learnt properly with the differentiation that it is separate for a baby and an adult.

4. Treating minor cuts

Children keep on cutting themselves every now and then. But not all the cuts need the doctor’s attention. For most of the cuts, all that is needed is cleaning them with water or an antiseptic and then tying a bandage around it for some time till clotting begins.

5. Treating diarrhoea

Another common problem or illness that the younglings tend to face is diarrhoea or bad stomach. This, in turn, tends to worry the mother too much and they just rush off to the doctor even when sometimes it can be easily treated right at home. And not just that, you should also know the initial things that you should do in order to keep your young one hydrated. So, keep giving them fluids and keep them as hydrated as possible. 

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