5 Signs of Hormone Imbalance That Women Ignore

We are affected by hormones our entire life. These hormones are what make us who we are and shape us throughout our life. But sometimes even our hormones can go haywire. And these hormonal changes don’t show up directly but affect other functions and aspects of the body. Sometimes the changes taking place in your body due to hormonal changes and imbalance can be mistaken as some other isolated illness. But then that is even more dangerous as these hormones will not allow any treatment you take to help you out. So, it is important you understand the indirect signs of hormonal imbalance.

1. Excess Hair Loss

Do you feel like you’re losing more hair than normal? Age is definitely a factor when it comes to hair loss but hormones can play their role too. That’s is why so many women lose a bunch of hair after they have a baby. In women, hair loss is largely attributed to a hormonal imbalance, so be on the lookout.

2. Sleep Problems

Even insomnia can strike if you’ve got something bad going on with your hormones. And unfortunately, when you’re going through some periods problem that we know messes with hormones, it’s more likely that a good night’s sleep is not exactly possible. If you’re having some sleep issues and don’t know why it’s time to head to the doctor’s office and get it checked out. It might be your hormones going crazy.

3. Memory Problems

When a woman’s estrogen level gets a bit low, there’s a possibility that her short-term memory will begin to suffer. This hormone directly affects your neurotransmitters which go on to affect things like your stress levels and, in fact, your memory and ability to think. So, if you are starting to have some memory loss problems, get some tests done, it might be your hormones.

4. Reduced interest in sex

Because your ovaries produce sex hormones, any imbalance in your hormone levels can affect your sexual desire. Estrogen is associated with increased sex drive and progesterone with reduced desire for sexual intimacy. So, the haywire hormones can actually reduce your sex drive.

5. Digestion issues

Yes, even your tummy issues could be resulting from some type of hormonal problem. Gas, bloating and slow digestion are digestive symptoms that are common when it comes to some type of imbalance in the body. If your eating habits are healthy, it’s a route you may want to take in order to find the root cause.

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