5 Signs That You Are Going Into Labor

Once you enter the final few days of your third trimester, you become really excited to welcome the newest member of the family! With each passing day, you maintain a final countdown and wait for any sign that will just tell you about the arrival of your baby!

It is such a crucial time because you’re mentally preparing yourself to push that baby out or you’re preparing to undergo a C-section, the choice is yours. You have been waiting patiently to meet your baby and hold him your arms and kiss, of course!

Here are 7 signs that will help you get a clear understanding if you’re going into labor:

1. Baby drops from his initial position

As you close in on your due date, you baby slips downwards towards your pelvis. This is where the baby will begin his final journey and open his eyes into a bright new world! You will end up going to pee a lot because your baby is literally pushing your bladder as he is making an exit!

2. Painful contractions

The uterus will begin to contract and expand as it is preparing itself for labor. These contractions help in bringing the baby to the birth canal in a head-first position and they help in pushing the baby out.

These contractions will come in a rhythmic pattern and they come at an interval of 5 minutes. It begins at the back and moves towards the place ahead in the front. At this time, your stomach becomes as hard as a basketball when the contractions occur.

3. Loosening of the joints

There is a hormone called ‘Relaxin’ which softens and loosens your ligaments while you were pregnant. The moment you go into labor, your boy will begin to feel like it is loosening up. This allows your pelvis to expand so that the baby can be pushed easily.

4. Mucus plug opens

Your cervix begins to dilate, and there was a thick mucus plug which sealed the cervix to prevent any infection to reach the baby. It will loosen up and fall from your vagina and the moment this happens you will know that your baby is en route! Most women deliver just a few days after the mucus plug falls off!

5. Vaginal discharge has different color

In your final days of pregnancy, you’ll see that your wall has thickened and there is a lot of vaginal discharge. There will be a thick mucus-like substance which will be released along with the mucus plug. It causes some bleeding too! The discharge will become pinkish in texture and that’s when you confirm that the baby is due in just a few days.


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