This Is How A Real Marriage Works

In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything but two minus one equals nothing. Marriage is not just the union of two individuals but it is the beginning of a beautiful blossoming relationship between two families. Marriage is like a stretched elastic tie; if one side stops making an effort to maintain balance, the entire tension gets pushed onto the other person which becomes too hard to deal with. The authenticity of marriage rests in the hands of the husband and wife solely because they are the best at fixing their marriage. Marriage could also be compared to a beautiful yet fragile flower vase and what emphasizes it’s beauty is the existence of components such as trust, loyalty, integrity, security, and family.

Although it seems all so bright, colorful, rainbows, meadows and unicorns, marriage was never, is never and will never always be a cakewalk. Each marriage has its own up’s and downs. What matters is how each one pulls through situations when they come head on. Whether one chooses to weave bonds closer or just pull the strings apart is completely subjective. Loving is easy but it’s consistency and intensity is how each marriage differs from the other.

It is not that hard to preserve a marriage but again it all boils down to the efforts made by the couple. So, here are few ways which could help you sustain your marriage-

Stop thinking your way is the right way

There could be multiple ways to look at a problem and solutions to it could be many. Try to listen and understand the perspectives of the other person and use collaborative methods to deal with any shortcomings.

Prioritize your significant other

There is no greater joy than being prioritized by your partner. Psychologically, it makes your partner believe in you and that they would know for sure that you would always be there for you.

Stop expecting your spouse to walk out on your marriage

A common marriage trouble in the latter stages of life. In a troubled marriage, one tends to expect the significant other to just call it quits and move on with lives individually. We are humans and not doormats to want to get walked over on. There usually is an undying effort to reconcile even though damage is done.

Trust and become aware of the reality

Trust only as much as you can. Trusting blindly will only refrain you from seeing the reality and that will end up being a toxin which would literally corrode your marriage.

Stop overthinking and overanalyzing

They say over-thinking kills and fairly, it does. Overthinking and overanalyzing ruins the relationship in many ways. There are many problems that arise such as trust issues, anxiety about the partner’s whereabouts, being suspicious about everybody and many more things on the same lines

Your partner is no psychic to read minds

Communication is the key to establish the strongest bond. You cannot expect them to figure you out completely, know your demands just like that, know what you’re feeling and what you want to do unless they have special superpowers to do all of that.

Become the companion first

Once you figure out that neither of you could bring about a change in each other, it becomes important that you free yourself and celebrate yourself for being the way you are. Acceptance rather than any changes or modifications tend to help partners know each other and experience best of both worlds.

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