5 Things Your Husband Might Hate About You

Marriage is one of the holiest and strongest bonds that exists in the world. The relation between a husband and wife is what has kept the world going, functioning and working. And obviously, when you share your entire life with someone, you tend to have certain ups and downs. And there are always some things that you might or might not like about your significant other. But ladies, it is difficult to know what your husband might not like about you. But we have found out top things that your husband might actually hate about you.

1. He hates that sometimes you don’t believe in yourself

Your husband is not with you because he thinks you’re perfect. He is with you because he sees the potential you have. While you may be focused on your insecurities, he is focused on your strengths. He knows how great you are and it breaks his heart to see you lose confidence in yourself. And that is what he hates in you. When he has so much faith in you how can you lose faith in yourself?

2. He hates it when you cry

Nothing hurts more than when your husband sees you cry. He’s heard you silently sobbing in the bathroom when you think he’s still asleep. He isn’t. He knows how much you have on your plate and wants to reach out to you, but he doesn’t always know how. So, let him know what he can do to help lighten your load. He is definitely going to support you through thick and thin and will definitely be there for you no matter what happens.

3. He hates it when you use sex as a weapon

The gift of sexual intimacy is to be an expression of unselfish love. It’s a physical demonstration of spiritual unity. Don’t withhold yourself to punish your husband and don’t use your intimacy as a bribing technique. Even when you think your husband is not understanding that you are actually trying to use sex as a weapon, he knows it all too well and he just is not reacting to it yet.

4. He hates it every time you go away from him

Your husband definitely misses you like crazy every time you go to your mother’s place or on a trip. He might not confess it, but it’s true. He’s constantly thinking about you when either of you has to go out of town. That’s why his favourite part of each day is coming home.

5. He hates it when you start changing yourself for him

The entire reason of why he married you was because he loved you, your personality and your own identity. He never wants you to change yourself for anyone and especially not for him. The day you start changing yourself, you start becoming a person that your husband did not fall in love with.

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