Breast Milk Can Be Used To Treat Cancer?

A particular compound in breast milk was accidentally discovered to have cancer-curing properties. Studies are now going on to see if it can, in fact, replace the traditional harmful methods of treating cancer patients. This miraculous compound has been nick-named Hamlet and could soon revolutionise cancer treatment. 

A research conducted at the University of Lunt in Sweden has shown some positive results on the effects of Hamlet on bladder cancer patients. It was found that the patients would shed the dead tumour cells through their urine within days of taking this medicine.

The research team says the discovery was purely accidental. In fact, they were researching antibiotics when they discovered this property of Hamlet. They were searching for new antimicrobial agents, and fresh breast milk was in one of the tests.

For the experiment, they needed human cells and bacteria and so, they used human tumour cells. They found that the tumour cells died upon adding this compound of milk.

Experts believe that a reaction takes place when breast milk hits the gut. It produces a complex compound called alpha-lactalbumin which is a protein that targets cancer cells.

Currently, tests are underway to figure out if they can be used to treat cervical and bowel cancer. If found to be effective, they could prove as an excellent alternative to chemotherapy and radiotherapy which not only kill the cancerous cells but also cause damage to the healthy ones. 

Science is simply wonderful, isn’t it?

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