6 Baby Care Tips Nobody Will Tell You

Nobody said that taking care of a newborn would be easy – nobody said it would be so difficult either. Babies are cute and we love them but taking care of them can get a little tricky. There are so many things to keep in mind when it comes to parenting. What diapers should we use? What baby wipes do we use? Are we doing something wrong? How come the neighbour’s kids didn’t cry as much as mine does?  

When it comes to diapers and baby food, you can always go by the advice of your friends, neighbours and family. But there are certain babycare tips that nobody will ever tell you. Read on to find out what they are:

1. Holding your baby often will only help them

From the time your baby is born till the time they start going to school, people are going to tell you that you should avoid holding your baby all the time because holding your baby will spoil your baby. This is absolutely not true. When you hold your baby, s/he will feel safe and happy. In fact, most babies will cry when they are not being held by a warm, adult human – better if it is the mum or dad. Babies who are held grow up to have a better self-image than those who aren’t.

2. Shoes are for when they start walking

It may be really tempting to buy those cute little baby shoes for your 1-month-old. But the fact remains that babies don’t need to wear shoes until they start walking. Those shoes, no matter how adorable, will be used only when they are older. But dressing them up in those baby shoes is the only way you can get any sleep at night, then go ahead and buy them.

3. Baby wipes are not really essential

As shocking as it sounds, your baby does not really need those baby wipes. In fact, some babies may even be allergic to baby wipe. To clean your baby up after a diaper change, simply make use of a damp washcloth and a mild soap.

4. Crying does not always mean colic

New parents tend to think that if a baby cries for too long, it has to be colic. But this is not always the case. Depending on the symptoms that they show along with the crying – arching their backs or grabbing their ears – it could be anything from acid reflux to baby teething. So, before you make any conclusions, it is a good idea to consult your doctor about this.

5. Music can calm your baby

You might have found that when you listen to your favourite music, it instantly takes you to a happy place. You feel relaxed and completely at ease. The same goes for babies! Make a playlist of soothing and relaxing music and play it for them. Let the music work its magic spell on your baby as you go about finishing up your work.

6. Be prepared for the sprinklers

When you change your baby’s diapers, it is likely that your baby will spray at you. This is because, when you remove the diaper, a sudden rush of cool air hits his/her privates making the bladder leak a little. You can be prepared by using a washcloth to absorb the stream of pee.

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