Make This DIWALI Guilt-Free!!

Diwali the festival of lights is around the corner. For many of us, it’s the time to indulge on a large spread of sweets, snacks, parties, binge eating. This makes it difficult to maintain a healthy diet and we will be guilty of the wrong diet.

So, what does one do? Not eat? Not celebrate? Well, we all can celebrate this beautiful festival without the unwanted weight gain with little planning for maximum joy and minimum guilt.

Let’s understand how to enjoy this festival which is full of mouth-watering dishes:

1. Choose from healthy alternatives: During the festival season, it’s always recommended to prepare the sweets at home to avoid the adulteration.While buying sweets choose from options made with natural sweeteners like dates, jaggery or anjeer rather than Kaju roll or boondi ladoo. The nuts are a good source of calcium and fibre.

2. Bake savouries instead of frying: Those packets of diet chivda, farsan, sweets or chakli we find easily, but they may contain trans fat which can be dangerous for heart health and for weight too. Make your savouries by making small changes in the recipes such as baking instead of frying. 

3. Swap refined flour with multigrain flour.

4. Don’t skip exercise: During festivals, it is common for all of us to skip exercise. Don’t do that, it is important to exercise when we are consuming more calories.

5. Be a health-conscious host: It is advisable to never turn up for a Diwali party on an empty stomach. You could have a light snack like buttermilk or yoghurt with nuts and fruits. Alcohol is the primary source of empty calories which is stored as fat. People with diabetes should watch their alcohol intake as it can lead to hypoglycemia.

– Serve snacks like dhokla, masala peanuts, unsalted dry fruits, sprout-chaat, fruit salad, idlis, baked chaklis etc.

– Serve nimbu-paani, jal jeera, chaas etc instead of serving soft drinks or artificial juices:

– We all struggle with lots of mithais and boxes of chocolates at home post-Diwali. Instead of eating them distribute them to people who are not fortunate enough. Spread a word of good health during festivals, when you send gifts instead of sweets or namkeens send fruits or dry nuts.

So eat healthily and enjoy festivities!!!!!

Wish you all a very happy and healthy DIWALI!!!

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