5 Tips to Support Your Friend Through a Miscarriage

A miscarriage may be a devastating thing to experience. It brings utter grief to the parents. No one can take the pain of the grieving parents away. But if your friend had a miscarriage, here is how you can help in their difficult times.

1. Listen to your friend

You may not know how to express your sympathy for the loss of your dear friend and that is all right. There is nothing much anyone can say to provide with the comfort to the parents who had a miscarriage. But that does not stop you from listening to your friend. Listen to your friend without judging them. More than often, simply telling you their story can take off a load from their heart, and they will feel much better after doing so. It is a simple but effective healing process. You do not have to say much while they are talking to you. Listen attentively, make sure they have all your attention, and acknowledge that you are paying attention by nodding or restating their thoughts. Try to comfort them by letting them know that you are there for them but refrain from saying things like, “everything happens for a reason” or “it just wasn’t meant to be.”

2. Let them know that their feelings are purely natural

A miscarriage can cause your friend to feel many things and sometimes they just need validation for what they are feeling. Tell them that it is okay to open up, maybe encourage them a little. Tell them it is okay to take time to grieve and assure them that no matter what they are feeling, they can tell you about it.

3. Do not hesitate in bringing up the miscarriage

People are often hesitant to bring up the topic of miscarriage because they do not want to make the other person feel sad or go through the same pain all over again. However, talking about a situation like this is the only way to gain control over it. Your friend may feel isolated as most people would tend to avoid the topic. Do not be afraid of checking up on your friend or asking them how they are feeling, occasionally. Your friend may not always want to talk about it, though. Do not force them into talking or push the subject too much. Just let them know that you are there if they want to talk.

4. Offer to help in household chores

Miscarriages can take a toll on you both emotionally and physically. Your friend may have been unable to keep up with the housework. You can offer to do things like the laundry, or the dishes. You can run errands for your friends like going to the grocery store or picking up prescriptions. If your friend has other children, offer to take care of them as child care sometimes becomes difficult after miscarriage since your friend finds herself emotionally drained. You can babysit or take the kids out somewhere.

5. Invite them out

Your friend may want to avoid situations that demand social interaction and that is just natural. Do not force them to go out if they are not ready to face people but always extend an invitation so that they don’t feel left out. After a point, socializing may help to mitigate the grief and can prove good for your friend and you should let them know that they are always invited and make them feel welcome.

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