5 Dangerous Things You Should Actually Let Your Child Do

Someone intelligent once said,“ The best way to learn is by experience”. And thus it is important that you let your children do certain things that will not only help them grow but will give them the thrill of life as well. But when it comes to letting your child do dangerous things, mothers often tend to have a limited thinking and that’s where we come in. Mentioned below is a list of 5 such things that you should definitely let your child do at least once.

1. Sticking the arm out of a moving car

Sticking their arm out the window of a moving car and letting their hand ride the wind is a great way for kids to get acquainted with the basic principles of aerodynamics it’s like a personal wind tunnel. Encourage your child to play with different positions moving the angle of her hand, closing and opening her fingers to observe how these variations affect lift and drag. Apart from all the science stuff, they are sure to love the wind and the thrill of its force.

2. Cook a proper meal

Despite potential mishaps, it’s worth not only letting your children assist you in the kitchen but allowing them to try cooking on their own too. More so than any other activity on this list, it’ll teach them a valuable skill towards grown-up self-sufficiency. So let them make a thing or two for the family every now and then. All you need to do is to just keep a distant eye on them and take care that they stay away from any major disaster.

3. Ride a bike to school

On the journey to making your child independent and responsible, it is important that they start young. And the best way to help them gain confidence is to allow them to travel on their own. Using a bicycle to go to school will surely help them believe in themselves and make their own decisions.

4. Climb a rope

This is one activity that is not exactly encouraged much in schools. But, it is actually something that helps tremendously in the physical growth of the child especially the upper body strength. Though there is a risk of the child falling down from a height, it is not that huge of a threat and your young one can definitely give it a try.

5. Make a fire

There’s a primal connection between man and fire. Nurture that connection with your kids while they’re young. Let them play with matches and light candles when they’re pre-school age (with your supervision). They’ll learn that fire indeed burns, but from a flame so small it won’t hurt too much if it glances their skin. When they get to be about 8 or 9, let them build a fire all by themselves. The thrill will be exhilarating and they will learn one of the most important skills that people have started forgetting.

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