5 Reasons the Second Pregnancy is Harder Than the First

Pregnancy is not an easy task. You undergo a tonne of changes and you are expected to bear all the pain and trouble for nine months. No matter how wonderful and worthwhile the result of it is, these 9 months take a toll on the woman’s health. And though first pregnancies are tough, second pregnancies are even harder because now even you know the reality of it all. But that is not all, here is a list of 5 such reasons.    

1. Support is a lot less this time

Everyone around you who was pampering you and giving you as much space as you need the first time is not going to do that this time around because according to them you are a pro in it. So, though your friends and family are still going to be concerned about you, you are on your own for most of the things.

2. No more pregnancy fantasies

Before you actually experienced the realities of being a parent, you could daydream about what it would be like to have a baby. You might have pictured how you would hold your infant close to you, and inhale the sweet smell of their hair. But when you actually have experienced it once, you just don’t have any imaginations or fantasies anymore.

3. No more afternoon naps

Remember when you were pregnant the first time around, you could actually take some time off for a quick nap every now and then in the afternoon? Well, that is probably not happening this time. The major reason is that you have another child to take care of now and that is probably not going to let you be in peace and thus, no more afternoon sleep time.

4. Symptoms of pregnancy actually tend to worsen

Unfortunately, the horrid symptoms of pregnancy can also worsen with the second baby. You might think that your morning sickness was atrocious the first time, but it can actually worsen during the second time. Also, you don’t have the luxury of avoidance when you have a child already. You have to take care of the one who is already there anyway.

5. Doctor’s appointments with another kid with you

Pregnancy is a time when you need to visit the doctor a lot of times for check up and so that you know there are no complications. This exercise itself is exhausting enough. On top of that now you have another child you need to take care of. Going to the doctor’s when you are pregnant and have one more child you have to take care of, you probably are getting the picture right?

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