6 Safety Tips That Are Super Important For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a time of joy and happiness (if you exclude the morning sickness, the cramps and the sweat of course) But it’s also a time when you need to be extra careful so here are a few safety tips for you to consider that will make your pregnancy a belly-only pregnancy.   

1. The only bump you should care for is your baby bump

While traveling, make sure to avoid bumpy roads. Roads with potholes and speed breakers make for a not-so-easy ride that might have an impact on the delicate state of your body. The unnecessary jerks you experience on these roads might also harm the little one growing inside you. But sometimes it’s not possible to avoid these roads altogether. In such cases make sure to drive slowly and with precaution.

2. Save up energy

Lethargy is a common symptom of pregnancy. So try and preserve your energy every which way possible – like avoiding the stairs when there’s an elevator and not walking long distances. Avoid strenuous movements that’ll tire you.

3. Take small breaks

If you’re a working pregnant woman, then take small breaks every hour or so – Sit down with a colleague and chat for awhile or go for a brisk walk. This will relax your mind and body. As you move around, keep an eye on your surroundings – The furniture corners, the table legs are major tripping hazards.

4. Don’t leave the house without food and water

If you’re going out, make sure to always carry some light snacks and a bottle of water with you. This will prevent you from eating outside food every time you get cravings. Home-prepared food is always a better option than restaurant food because you won’t run the risk of catching an infection or indigestion problems.

5. Don’t skip on water

If you’re not someone who used to drink a lot of water before you got pregnant then it might be time that you finally drink up. Having water and fresh juices will not only keep you hydrated, they will also reduce painful cramps, flatulence, and nausea.

6. Take precaution on the foods you eat

There are certain foods like – high mercury level fish, unpasteurized milk, raw papaya and so on that are best avoided during pregnancy. Select fruits and vegetables from the fresh produce section and wash them thoroughly before using them. Also, make sure they are cooked properly before eating them. Check the expiry date while buying packaged foods and even if it’s a day over, don’t buy them. 


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