5 Signs of Vitamin-D Deficiency That Even Doctors Miss

Vitamin-D is one of the most important vitamins that is required by the human body. As you might already know, vitamin-D is responsible for the strength of our bones and is thus required in good quantities. But, in the recent times, due to the changes in lifestyle, our exposure to the sun has reduced and thus a lot of people have got this deficiency. There are multiple ways through which this deficiency presents itself and sometimes even doctors miss the signs. Below mentioned are 5 such signs that even doctors might miss about your deficiency.

1. Undergoing depression especially in winters

Vitamin D is understood to play a key role in maintaining healthy levels of serotonin in the brain. These are neurotransmitters in the brain that are essential to mood and thus, having a deficiency of vitamin D can actually lead to depression. Thus, it is important especially in winters for you to get a good amount of sunlight.

2. Muscle pain

Vitamin D supports muscle function because receptors for it are located all over the body, including in the muscles. Having lots of general muscle aches is often the first telltale sign of a deficiency and thus, muscular pains should not only be treated as that but should also be looked at from a perspective of vitamin D deficiency.

3. Feeling tired always

Vitamin D is essential for converting food into energy. If you’re always tired, a lack of this vitamin could mean you’re not assimilating nutrients from your food and your body’s cellular ability to make energy from what you eat is compromised. Thus, it is important you get enough sunlight on a daily basis and get your vitamin D level checked.

4. Catching an infection every now and then

Vitamin D is vital to the health of the immune system. Without sufficient amounts, our immune cells are unable to react appropriately leaving us more susceptible to infection. This, in turn, results in us getting sick easily. As this can be a sign of a severe deficiency, it is important that you get your tests done and even take some vitamin D supplements in addition to sunlight exposure.

5. Joint pains and weak bones

When you are running low on vitamin D, your bones can weaken increasing your risk of stress fractures. This is related to vitamin D’s essential role in regulating calcium uptake. People often think about calcium for bones, but they’re rarely aware that vitamin D is essential to calcium’s absorption. So, do consult your doctor about vitamin D deficiency as it might be the reason behind all that pain you feel.

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